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Cloak and Dagger 2021

Cloak and Dagger challenge is back at Carol’s Notebook and I cannot wait to see how many books I would be reading in 2021.

Last year, I read more than 56 books (more like 100+), which put me in the Sherlock Holmes category. For 2021, I suppose I can easily cross the 56 book limit – after all, most of the books I read are of the genre Mystery and Thrillers. Watson, fetch my deerstalker hat, we are off to solve a case! Hah!

(Links to reviews will be updated as and when they are up on the blog.)

  1. Dark Cure by Bradley West
  2. Death in the Diamond Lane by Pete O’Donnell
  3. Mistaken Identity Crisis by James Cudney
  4. How to Frame a Fashionista by Debra Sennefelder
  5. Bag of Bones by Jackie Layton
  6. Trafficked by M.A. Hunter
  7. Glimmer of Death by Valerie Wilson Wesley
  8. Girl Under Water by L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain
  9. Fear by Night by Patricia Wentworth
  10. Murder on the Menu by Fiona Leitch
  11. A Brush with Death by Fiona Leitch
  12. Rhino Charge by Victoria Tait
  13. Colony by Benjamin Cross
  14. Malice in Miami by Barbara Venkataraman
  15. Hop ‘Til You Drop by J.M. Griffin
  16. Body on the Island by Victoria Dowd
  17. A Will to Kill by RV Raman
  18. The Dinner Guest by B.P. Walter
  19. Discarded by M.A. Hunter
  20. The Sign of Death by Callie Hutton
  21. The House of Killers by Samantha Lee Howe
  22. No 2 Feline Detective Agency by Mandy Morton
  23. A Pocket full of Pie by Mandy Morton
  24. The Faceless Man by Helen Durrant
  25. A Sprinkle of Sabotage by Fiona Leitch
  26. Search for Her by Rick Mofina
  27. Grey Stones by Joss Stirling
  28. The Imposter by Marin Montgomery
  29. Watch Her Sleep by L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain
  30. The Museum Murder by Katie Gayle
  31. Time is Running Out by Michael Wood
  32. Blood Stained by Rebecca Bradley
  33. Coffin Cove by Jackie Elliot
  34. The Good Neighbour by R.J. Parker
  35. Bad Day in Minsk by Jonathan Pinnock
  36. Denied by Mary Keliikoa
  37. Death of a Messenger by Robert McCaw
  38. Southern Sass and a Battered Bride by Kate Young
  39. Reserved for Murder by Victoria Gilbert
  40. Murder at the Lakeside Library by Holly Danvers
  41. Ruby Red Herring by Tracy Gardner
  42. Stolen Daughters by Carolyn Arnold
  43. Knife Edge by Kerry Buchanan