Calladine and Bayliss Series by Helen H. Durrant

The Calladine and Bayliss Series is a police procedural series by Helen H. Durrant. Set in the fictional village of Leesdon, the story revolves around two detectives – Ruth Bayliss and Tom Calladine.

Ruth Bayliss is a thirty-something, no-nonsense policewoman. She is partnered with Calladine often to solve cases. While solving one of the cases involving a school student, Ruth meets a school teacher named Jake. Soon, the duo fall in love and decide to take their relationship a step further – they start living together. Ruth gives birth to her first child with Jake – Harry.

Tom Calladine, or as I like to call him, Casanova Calladine, is a fifty-something detective married to his job. He has a string of affairs and almost all of them end because Calladine loves his job more than his partners. Halfway through the series, Calladine learns he had a daughter with his ex and she’s named as Zoe. Zoe reaches out to Calladine after her mother’s death and Calladine readily accepts her in his life.

Calladine also learns the woman whom he called mother all these years was, in fact, his adoptive mother. He learns the identity of his biological mother; she and her family are eagerly waiting to welcome Tom Calladine into their family. But Tom being the ever-so-introvert, has trouble accepting his new-found family.

In the first few books of the series, we see Calladine fighting his cousin and notorious gangster Ray Fallon. Calladine’s promotion is stalled, thanks to his links to Ray Fallon. As the saying goes, you do not choose the family you were born into…

The recurring characters in the series include Jo, Zoe’s partner; Julian Batho, forensic pathologist; Rocco, Alice, Joyce, Imogen and Amy. We also see a few crossover characters namely DCI Greco and Rachel King, the main characters from Helen Durrant’s other series. The series also features a housing society named Hobsfield – where most of the drug-related crime occurs.

Calladine and Bayliss Series in the order of publication:

#1: Dead Wrong
#2: Dead Silent
#3: Dead List
#4: Dead Lost
#5: Dead and Buried
#6: Dead Nasty
#7: Dead Jealous
#8: Dead Bad
#9: Dead Guilty
#10: Dead Wicked
#11: Dead Sorry
#12: Dead Real

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