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Mary Cunningham

Sazerac, Sleuth & Slay (Andi Anna Jones Mystery #2)

Mary Grand

Death at Castle Cove

Mary Keliikoa

Kelly Pruett Mysteries

Also see: Kelly Pruett Mystery Series

Derailed (Kelly Pruett Mystery #1)

Denied (Kelly Pruett Mystery #2)

Deceived (Kelly Pruett Mystery #3)

Misty Pines Mysteries

Hidden Pieces (Misty Pines #1)

McGarvey Black

Trust Only Me

Michelle Hillen Klump

Cocktails and Catering Mysteries

Also see: Cocktails and Catering Mystery Series

A Dash of Death (Cocktails and Catering Mystery #1)

Murder Served Neat(Cocktails and Catering Mystery #2)


Interview with Michelle Hillen Klump

Michelle Salter

Death at Crookham Hall (Iris Woodmore Mystery #1)

Michelle S. Smith

Her Sister’s Killer

Misha Popp

A Good Day to Pie (A Pies Before Guys Mystery #2)