Author Index: D

Damyanti Biswas

You Beneath Your Skin

Darci Hannah

David Baldacci

Daylight (Atlee Pine #3)

David Dickinson

Mycroft Holmes and Murder at the Diogenes Club (Mycroft Holmes #5)

David Haviland

How to Remove a Brain

David Putnam

A Fearsome Moonlight Black (Bone Detective #1)

The Reckless (Bruno Johnson #6)

Diana Wilkinson

One Down

Diane Ashcroft

Out of Options (Century Cottage Cozy Mystery #0.5)

Dolores Hitchens

Sleep with Strangers (Jim Sader #1)

Sleep with Slander (Jim Sader #2)

Donna Ashcroft

The Little Cornish House

Summer in the Scottish Highlands

Donna Walo Clancy

Death by Chowder (Shipwreck Cafe Mystery #1)

Seashells and Christmas Bells (Shipwreck Cafe Mystery #2)

Death on the Half Shell (Shipwreck Cafe Mystery #3)