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C.K. Williams

The Woman at No. 13

C.M Harris

She Never Left

Callie Hutton

A Study in Murder ( A Victorian Book Club Mystery #1)

The Sign of Death ( A Victoria Book Club Mystery #2)

Carissa Ann Lynch

Without a Trace

Caro Savage

Villain (DC Bailey Morgan #2)

Carol Carnac

(also see E.C.R. Lorac)

Crossed Skis

Carole Lawrence

Cleopatra’s Dagger

Caroline James

The Cruise

Caroline Macon Fleischer

The Roommate

Carolyn Arnold

Detective Amanda Steele Series

Also See: Detective Amanda Steele Series

The Little Grave (Detective Amanda Steele #1)

Stolen Daughters (Detective Amanda Steele #2)

Her Frozen Cry (Detective Amanda Steele #5)

Sara and Sean Cozy Mystery Series

Bowled Over Americano (A Sara and Sean Cozy Mystery #1)

Carolyn Brown

Hummingbird Lane

Carter Fielding

Also see: Blake Sisters Travel Mystery Series

Murder in Montauk (Blake Sisters Travel Mystery #0.5)

Murder in the Medina (Blake Sisters Travel Mystery #1)

Murder in the Tea Leaves (Blake Sisters Travel Mystery #2)

Castle Freeman

All That I Have (Lucian Wing #1)

Cate Conte

Witch Hunt (Full Moon Mystery #1)

Cath Staincliffe

Blue Murder (Detective Janine Lewis #1)

Hit and Run (Detective Janine Lewis #2)

Catherine Bybee

Changing the Rules (Richter Series #1)

A Thin Disguise (Richter Series #2)

Catherine Coles

Poison at the Village Show (Martha Miller Mystery #1)

Catherine Lloyd

Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7)

Cathy Ace

The Wrong Boy

Cecil Waye

Murder at Monk’s Barn (The Perrins, Private Investigators #1)

The Figure of Eight (The Perrins, Private Investigators #2)

Celia Reynolds

Finding Henry Applebee

Chad Zunker

Family Money

Charles Cumming

The Moroccan Girl

Charles Finch

The Woman in the Water (Charles Lennox Series Prequel #1)

The Vanishing Man (Charles Lennox Series Prequel #2)

The Last Passenger (Charles Lennox Series Prequel #3)

Charles Kingston

Murder in Piccadilly

Charles Osborne

Black Coffee (A Hercule Poirot Mystery)

Charlie Laidlaw

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead

Love Potions and other Calamities

Everyday Magic

Cheryl Hollon

Still Knife Painting (Paint & Shine Mystery #1)

Chloe Grace

Every Dog Has His Day (Albertus Eagle Detective Beagle #2)

Chris McCrudden

Battlestar Suburbia

Christin Brecher

Nantucket Candle Maker Mysteries

Also see: Nantucket Candle Maker Mysteries

Murder’s No Votive Confidence (Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery #1)

Murder Makes Scents (Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery #2)

15 Minutes of Flame (Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery #3)

Photo Finished ( A Snapshot of NYC Mystery #1)

A Snapshot of NYC Mysteries

Photo Finished (A Snapshot of NYC Mystery #1)

Christina Freeburn

Dash Away All (Merry and Bright Handcrafted Mystery #1)

Better Watch Out (Merry and Bright Handcrafted Mystery #2)

Not A Creature Was Stirring (Merry and Bright Handcrafted Mystery #3)

Christina Romeril

A Christmas Candy Killing (Killer Chocolate Mystery #1)

Christine Trent

A Murderous Malady (Florence Nightingale Mystery #2)

Christopher Bush

The Case of the Flying Donkey (Ludovic Travers Mystery #21)

Cindy Bell

Slain at the Sea (Maddie Mills Cozy Mystery #1)

Colin Garrow

The Haunting of Roderick Usher (The Watson Letters #6)

Colleen J. Shogan

Gore in the Garden (Washington Whodunit #5)

Larceny at the Library (Washington Whodunit #6)

Constance Barker

A Dash of Sorcery (French Quarter Witch Mystery #1)

Craig Dinsell

Interview with Craig Dinsell

Cynthia Kuhn

How to Book a Murder (Starlit Bookshop Mystery #1)