Hello, I am Rekha. Welcome to my blog, The Book Decoder.

As an only child of working parents, I spent most of my weekends and vacations at home reading a book. I was introduced to comics and children’s magazines at an early age of 4. Reading has formed a major part of my life so far. It might be quite surprising for you to know that, though I started reading books at an early age, it was not until the age of 19 that I read my first full-length novel.

I love detective fiction. British Mysteries are an all-time favorite. After starting this blog, I came across a sub-genre of mystery known as Cozy Mystery. Less gore, a dash of romance, amateur sleuthing and whole lotta fun, Cozy Mystery has become one of my favorite sub-genres of mystery.

I started The Book Decoder in 2018. As an avid reader, I found book blogging as a better platform to express my views on the books I read as well as find new books and find some book buddies.

As someone born under the zodiac sign Aries, I am a person of many talents. Call me Jacqueline of all trades! I love to paint. I also do a bit of gardening – growing orchids is my latest interest. I am a foodie and I also love to cook. Since the pandemic, I have been trying my hand at baking and chocolate making – quite successfully, if I may add. I am a cat person and at present (2022), we have four cats at home. Working as a cat butler is a full-time job, right?

I hosted the British Crime Classics Challenge from 2018 – 2021. Though I am no longer hosting the challenge, my love for British Crime Classics will never fade away. I still have a lot of mystery classics in my TBR, waiting to be read.

Review Policy & Other Details

I receive Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) from authors, publishers through NetGalley or Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion. I also pick up loads of books from the KU catalog.

It is very rare for me to give a book 2 stars or below. I am very picky when it comes to books. I do not read fantasy, horror or sci-fi.