The Sequinned Cape Murders by Millie Ravensworth

It’s my stop today on the blog tour for The Sequinned Cape Murders by Millie Ravensworth. Many thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for the tour invite.

Title: The Sequinned Cape Murders (Cozy Craft Mystery #3)

Author: Millie Ravensworth

Published on: 3 March 2023

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Sequinned Cape Murders is the third book in Millie Ravensworth’s Cozy Craft Mystery series.

Things are going great for Penny Slipper. Along with her cousin Izzy, she’s running her grandma’s sewing shop in a charming Suffolk town. Penny returns from a trip to London – courtesy of a prospective cloth merchant named Oscar. It’s pretty clear to Penny and Izzy (though Penny is in denial) that Oscar wants to be more than just a salesman. He has his eyes set on Penny and the regular trips to towns and cities are just an excuse to spend time with her.

I digress.

So, Penny returns from London to see the shop closed. Izzy was supposed to open the shop before Penny’s arrival. Instead, she finds a note from Izzy, apologizing for the mess and there’s no need to contact the authorities as Izzy can handle it on her own.

The downstairs bathroom has a leak from the ceiling, so Penny goes upstairs to find the source of the leak. She finds it all right, along with a dead body sitting on the toilet. (No, they didn’t die while doing their… ahem, business.)

Nanna Lem is celebrating her eightieth birthday and it’s a costume party. Izzy’s dad is a wannabe singer (and part of a band) and he wants his daughter to stitch him an Elvis costume. Oh wait, I forgot about the dead body on the toilet. So, what happens is, the police are called in and the shop is closed – as it is a crime scene. So, Penny has to crash in with Izzy and her parents for a few days. Penny and Monty (the dog she adopted after its owner was murdered – book #2) spend some time with the Kings (Izzy and parents).

Monty seems to have a bit of a problem with the goats. He’s also taken a dislike to the furniture at his temporary place. So, Izzy decides it’s time to take him to a doggy training center where she meets the handsome Marcin. *makes goo-goo eyes*

I digressed again, didn’t I? Oh hum!

I have been following this series from the start and I have loved every new installment. Lots of quirky, super, wacky fun, and a murder throw in the mix – this is my kinda cozy mystery. I absolutely love the characters, Millie’s storytelling, and a unique take on murder mysteries. What makes this series more special is the sewing theme.

It goes without saying that The Sequinned Cape Murders is yet another fantabulous addition to the series. A tad low on the sleuthing as the cousins are busy sewing, trying to control Monty, falling in love (ahem), and a lot of other things.

Things change when a local shopkeeper is also killed. The doors and windows were locked and yet someone managed to get inside the Cozy Craft store. A few days later, a neighboring shop owner is found dead. Well, there’s something hinky going on around.

The story ends with Nanna Lem’s birthday party – which is where all the fun begins. Penny has a light bulb moment when she deduces how the burglar was found dead on the store’s toilet. This was an interesting take on so-called ‘murder.’ So, does this mean it was an accidental death? Not really… it’s just the beginning of an interesting mystery.

Overall, The Sequinned Cape Murders by Millie Ravensworth is an interesting and super fun read. I highly recommend this series.

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