Eyes on the Road by Karen C. Whalen

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Title: Eyes on the Road (Tow Truck Murder Mysteries #3)

Author: Karen C. Whalen

Published on: 20 February 2023

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Eyes on the Road is the third book in Karen C. Whalen’s Tow Truck Murder Mystery series.

Tow Truck driver Delaney Morran is asked to tow a car involved in an accident. When she arrives at the accident scene with her cuz’ Axle, she learns the car driver is dead.

A couple of days later, Delaney is driving through the accident scene when she sees a young woman at the spot, fixing a cross. She tells Delaney the victim was her sister Jaana. Maarja’s arrived from Estonia to cremate her sister and take the ashes home. Maarja asks Delaney to help her with the formalities as she’s not only new to the country but also has difficulties reading English. Delaney readily agrees.

As Delaney and Maarja start digging into Jaana’s death, they learn it was no accident. Jaana came on a temporary work visa given to international workers and was supposed to fly home after her visa expired. Instead, a month later, she was found dead. Delaney might not be good at towing trucks but she certainly has a nose for sleuthing.

What a fantastic addition to the series. Be it the characters, the storytelling, the murder mystery, red herrings, or the side stories, Eyes on the Road by Karen C. Whalen is simply the best.

First things first, I love the theme of this cozy series. Delaney is no ordinary tow truck driver. She wears high heels and dresses. She’s trying to prove that women are good tow truck drivers – but, at times, it comes at a cost. She finds herself in the midst of yet another murder investigation. She feels drawn in to help a sister looking for her sibling’s murderer.

We have many motives and angles here – Jaana was on a temporary visa. Maarja and Delaney make a shocking discovery relating to Jaana’s employment. List of suspects is long – from Jaana’s employer to boyfriend, co-workers and roommate.

The mystery behind the murder kept me guessing till the end. Plenty of shocking twists and exciting discoveries (made by Del and Maarja) kept me guessing till the end. The killer’s identity was a huge shocker. I didn’t see it coming.

I loved the recurring characters and their side stories. No cozy mystery is complete without a dash of romance. We have Del’s boyfriend (a tow trucker) and then there’s the hot Latino muy guapo Sheriff.

I enjoyed reading every bit of this book. There’s another interesting side story that made my overall read engrossing – I cannot talk about it without giving away any spoilers. But I will say this: it’s something about Delaney and her truck.

This book can be read as a standalone. But if you are like me, you might want to start from the beginning; book #1 that is. This is one of the best cozy mystery series I have ever read. Excellent storytelling. Gripping murder mysteries. Interesting mix of characters. Unique series-theme (female tow truck driver).

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