Hunter by Ross Greenwood

Title: Hunter

Author: Ross Greenwood

Published on: 5 December 2022

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

First there was a drowned man. Maybe it was an accident. Then, young women are attacked or killed on jogging tracks. Violent attacks on various people make police believe there’s a serial killer on loose. His name is Abel – the victims who were spared are made to chant his name. That’s how the police know the killer is called Abel.

Meanwhile, Dan and Olivia are going through a rough patch. They met a couple of years ago and fell in love instantly. Over the years, their passion fizzled out. Two children later, their love life is nonexistent. Able turns his attention towards Olivia and only Dan can save her…

Hunter by Ross Greenwood is a slow-burn suspense novel. I wouldn’t call it a psychological thriller. The focus is on Dan and Olivia’s personal lives. Abel makes an appearance now and then; his violent attacks are described in detail. But the spotlight is on the couple’s domestic scenario.

Dan and Olivia’s side of the story was nothing but a melancholy. It felt repetitive at times. Dan has no idea what Olivia is up to. He’s in his own world. The house looks like a dump yard and Olivia is tired of cleaning up after Dan and their son Charlie. He has no interest in sex or anything else – he’s changed since they moved to city. He isn’t adjusting well – halfway through Dan suffers a mental breakdown. It was quite embarrassing for him as he soiled his pants in the office and had to be driven home by his boss.

Another interesting angle to this domestic scenario was the neighbor, Mike. He’s stalking Olivia – stealing her laundry and following her every move. But Olivia is loving the attention – after all, her partner (Dan and Olivia aren’t married) isn’t interested in her.

Peppered along the domestic scenario is Abel’s vicious crimes. Since his attacks began, crime rate has gone down in the city. Even the bad guys are afraid of Abel. This means Abel gets to rein and attack whomever he wants.

To be honest, this was a tad boring. I was expecting a gripping psychological thriller. Instead, it was a slow-burn domestic suspense with hardly any edge-of-the-seat moments.

Overall, this was an okay read. Not up to my expectations but not bad either.

I received an ARC from Boldwood Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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