Long Way Home by J. B. Turner

Title: Long Way Home (Jack McNeal #2)

Author: J.B. Turner

Published on: 21 February 2023

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers | Action and Adventure

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Long Way Home is the second book in J.B. Turner’s Jack McNeal Thriller series.

Jack McNeal brought justice to his dead wife’s killer. He threw Henry Graff’s body in the reservoir three years ago. It was supposed to be a closed chapter. But Graff’s body is discovered. McNeal’s troubles begin once again. He’s spied on by Henry’s employers. Plagued by flashbacks and nightmares, Jack is on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Jack continues his hunt for ‘Woodcutter’, the notorious mastermind behind Caroline (Jack’s wife) and Sophie Meyers’ (the President’s mistress) assassination. The same organization is now targeting Jack’s family. Nobody is safe.

“There’s places I can go, sure. But they know who I am, what I look like. They’re on me.”

“It’s like you are trapped.”

“In a way, I am. You see, for me, right now, there is no escape.”

I read the first book of this series – No Way Back – and was eagerly waiting for the next installment. A year-long-wait was totally worth it. So many twists and unexpected turn of events, this book is a page turner!

Each chapter starts and ends with a shocking revelation. First, we have the FBI question Jack’s whereabouts on the night Henry Graff went missing. Then, a man threatens Jack to keep his mouth shut and not tell FBI about the notorious organization, or else…

Though Jack has no plans to tell the FBI that he killed Henry Graff, the bad guys have surprises waiting for him. People close to Jack – friends and family – become the Woodcutter’s latest victims. This web of lies, deceit and conspiracy is linked with someone close to the President. They know not only to make a person disappear but evidences too.

Jack is on the verge of a breakdown. Killing Henry gives him nightmares.

“The corpses fell from the sky. Hundreds of them, pouring past his window. He watched. He opened his mouth and tried to scream. But try as he might, nothing came out. He felt numb, paralyzed with fear. The sound of soft flesh hitting hard concrete below. The sound of sirens off in the distance.”

The story alternates between various PoVs. We have a man named ‘operator’ who’s stalking Jack and his brother Peter. Then we have the operator’s employers Steele. Higher up that chain are Karen Feinstein and Woodcutter – both are associated with the White House.

Then we have Jack’s side of the story – meetings with Peter, discovering the dead bodies of his close friend and a family member, another devastating turn of events in which he loses another family member, his multiple visits to a psychiatrist named Dr. Katz, and his search for the Woodcutter.

Jack has no option but to seek revenge. He must become the bad guy to eliminate those who took his family away from him.

This was one heck of a roller-coaster ride. I was hooked on to the story. Unputdownable action thriller. Not to gory or violent so perfectly suited for those who don’t like hard-boiled thrillers. It is preferable to read this series from the beginning. Though a second installment and can be read as a standalone, I recommend you start with book#1.

We have a three-year time jump from book #1 to #2. As this is an Amazon Publication series, you can always read it on Kindle Unlimited. So go ahead, grab both your copies today and go on a binge reading spree.

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