10 Most Anticipated Books of March 2023

Lots of exciting releases this month. What makes it extra special is that, March is also my birthday month. 🙂

Let’s have a look at March releases.

First two books in my list are installments of my favorite series. I came across Michelle Salter’s Iris Woodmore series this year. It’s a historical cozy mystery and I enjoyed reading the first book. I have also seen good reviews on Goodreads so I will be reading this one pretty soon. Next is a series I have been following for a couple of years. Fairies, magic and garden – my favorite elements in a cozy mystery.

Next two books are The Last Wife by J.A. Baker and The Wrecker’s Curse by Jo Silva. The former is a Boldwood Books publication while the latter, One More Chapter (Harper Collins UK). I have loved almost all the books I read by these two publishers. Both authors are new to me so I am eagerly looking forward to read these books.

Next, I have two cozy series debut. The first is Death at Castle Cove by Mary Grand and the second, Murder in Postscript by Mary Winters. The latter is a historical cozy mystery. Once again, both authors are new to me.

The next two authors need no introduction. Ever since I came across their books, I have become a huge fan of their storytelling. Maria DiRico is our very own Ellen Byron while Evie Hunter is also know as E.V. Hunter.

The next and final two books in my list this month are A Scottish Country Escape by Julie Shackman and The Summer House by Keri Beevis. Once again both are authors familiar to me. Same with publishers too – former by One More Chapter, latter by Boldwood Books.

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