Best Books of February 2023

Lots of exciting releases and lots of new favorites in the month of February.

I had a great time reading these fantabulous new releases – some of which are series or author debuts. We also have a genre debut by Helen Marsay.

Let’s have a look at the best releases of this month.

First, two cozy series debut. Both authors write under pseudonyms – Traci Hall as Ellie Brannigan and Evie Hunter as E.V. Hunter. Both these series debut are simply fantabulous.

Next, I have two debuts. Perfect Girl is Kelly Golden’s debut novel while Four Hidden Treasures is Helen Marsay’s genre debut.

Now, time for second installment in the series. I have The Lonely Lake Killings by Wes Markin and Long way Home by J.B. Turner. While the former is a police procedural, the latter, an action thriller. Both books are gripping, unputdownable and completely engrossing.

The next four books are a part of a series. I have been following Jan Durham’s Kipper Cottage Mysteries from the start (since 2022). Ellen Byron, Mary Cunningham and G.P. Gottlieb are authors new to me. I read all the previous installments of Vintage Cookbook (Byron), Andi Anna Jones (Cunningham) and Whipped & Sipped Mysteries (Gottlieb) this year. It’s always exciting to discover new authors and cozy series. 🙂

Next, I have two cozy mysteries from Crooked Lane Books. Both are second installments in the series. While one is about reporter-turned-mixologist doing a spot of amateur sleuthing by the side, the other is a baker who kills bad guys with pies.

I am ending this list with two new releases by one of my favorite publishers Boldwood Books.

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7 thoughts on “Best Books of February 2023

    1. It’s a good one. 😊 A decade old murder case, all suspects (friends) meet one last time. *tense music*

  1. I’m so honored that you included Charred: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery! I’ve been feeling sad about having only 13 Amazon reviews, and your post brightened my day – THANKS!

    1. I loved that this was set during lockdown. Your story gave me an insight on how things were for those who had to work while the whole world was locked in.

    1. Why??? I have come across so many books that were set during covid – including police procedural where the detectives got infected/wore masks to interview suspects.
      It’s a part of our lives so why not include it in the books too? That’s how I see it.

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