Guest Post by Heather Weidner

It’s my stop today on the blog tour for Sticks and Stones and A Bag of Bones by Heather Weidner.

Heather talks about the fuzzy sidekicks in her stories.

The Fuzzy Sidekicks in my Stories

Jade Hicks from STICKS AND STONES AND A BAG OF BONES by Heather Weidner.

Pets are a staple in cozy mysteries. My husband and I share our house with two crazy Jack Russell Terriers, and it just seemed natural to always have a pet (or two) in my stories. They are our companions, friends, squirrel-chasers, snack-sharers, and since the pandemic, they’ve been my fuzzy coworkers. Pets are an integral part of our lives. My stories are full of furry sidekicks. Below are my pups, Riley and Disney (the brains of the operation). They are from the same litter. Riley has the spot, and Disney is the brunette.

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The first book in the Mermaid Bay Christmas Shoppe Mysteries is STICKS AND STONES AND A BAG OF BONES. Proprietor Jade Hicks shares her house and her business with Chloe, a rollie-pollie white French bulldog. Chloe is a greeter and ambassador for Jade’s store. Her nemesis, Neville the Devil Cat, is the store’s chief mouser and the little dog’s best frenemy.

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Bijou, the spunky Jack Russell Terrier, in the Jules Keene Glamping Mysteries, is based on my Jack Russell Terrier, Disney. She’s friendly and full of energy, a perfect ambassador for Jules’s glamping resort (glamorous camping) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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Our pets are our family, best friends, and loyal companions. They hold a cherished place in our homes and hearts. And I always make sure that mysteries feature a sleuth and faithful companion with four paws and a wet nose.

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