The Good News Gazette by Jessie Wells

Title: The Good News Gazette

Author: Jessie Wells

Published on: 25 November 2022

Genre: Women’s Fiction

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nine years ago, Zoe Taylor returned from London to the quiet hamlet of Westholme with her tail between her legs and a bun in the oven. Where once her job as a journalist saw her tearing off to Paris at a moment’s notice after a lead, now the single mum covers the local news desk. At least, she did…until she’s unceremoniously let go.

When Zoe invites her friends over to commiserate, wine and whining soon turns into something more… and before the night is out she’s plotted her next step: The Good News Gazette.

Now, as a developer threatens to force Westholme into the twenty-first century, Zoe’s good news movement finds her leading a covert campaign as a community crusader. She may have started The Good News Gazette as a way to save herself, but she might just be able to save Westholme in the process…

What a brilliant concept! A newspaper that prints only the good stuff. We do need more of this kind, especially in the current world scenario where negativity seems to be the only thing happening!

I hope Jessie Wells is writing more books of this kind because I absolutely loved every bit of this marvelous story. Zoe’s life scenario can be compared to “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” When she’s made redundant from her job, she decides to start a local gazette that prints only good news. A Facebook community page is set up and so is a website – perks of getting drunk with friends and taking actions on a whim. *wink wink*

There’s plenty of good news to print – small wins, a charitable cause that is going unnoticed and so on. Then comes a shocking development. Something to do with Westholme’s parade (building) that will be brought down. The developer is keen on bringing a supermarket to Westholme and Zoe decides it’s time to show him how much the parade means to the residents. But there’s a problem – the developer is Handsome with a capital H. Hmm!!!

Zoe is a single mom and definitely not looking for love. She’s had enough trouble with her ex Ryan and well, that’s made her think twice before finding love again. We also have a couple of side stories which adds oodles of charm to the already-charming story. There’s the local cafe which gets a dash of re-do and a local football club hosted by Sam – another Handsome fella. *wink*

No story is complete without a dash of romance. We have two prospective partners for Zoe here – a love triangle of sorts. I was curious to see who will win Zoe’s heart. I admit I am a bit disappointed because I was rooting for the other guy. Well, it’s Zoe’s life so whom am I to judge, eh?

The best part about this story (um, second best I suppose) is the silly banter on Good News Gazette’s Facebook Community page. There are trolls, all right – the sarcastically funny kind. 😉

Overall, The Good News Gazette by Jessie Wells was a charming and entertaining read. Loved the concept of ‘Good News Gazette” and the storytelling is simply brilliant.

I received an ARC from One More Chapter and NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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