Point Blank by Logan Ryles

Title: Point Blank

Author: Logan Ryles

Published on: 4 September 2022

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Point Blank is the first book in Logan Ryles’ Mason Sharpe Thriller series.

Before I give you the gist of the story and tell you what I thought of this book, there’s something I want to share: This book was released in September 2022. So, why hasn’t any production houses picked this up for a TV series/Movie adaptation? Forget Jack Reacher and Jack Ryan. We are over Jacks now. It’s MASON. MASON SHARPE. Our new hero!

This masterpiece is a MUST-READ thriller, especially for those who like action-packed, fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat kinda mysteries. Mason Sharpe had everything in his life. A job and a fiancé. He was planning their honeymoon… when he and his partner Jackie receive a call about a shooting in a local school.

It’s the same school where Mia, his fiancé, works. In spite of his partner asking him to wait for back up, Mason enters the school with just one agenda in mind. Save Mia. He guns down the first shooter and didn’t expect another one standing behind him. Mason is shot and so is Mia. But only Mason survived the shooting.

Weeks later, he’s discharged from hospital but he has no plans to continue living. He wants to be with Mia. So, off he goes on a long drive, buying a one way ticket to eternity. He has his gun pointed to his chin when he sees a body washing ashore the beach. He pulls the trigger alright, but the bullet grazes his cheek. He runs to the dead body, gun and thoughts of suicide forgotten.

The local police are called in, and Mason is taken in for questioning. They know he’s innocent but they want him to explain what he was doing in their county – especially with a gun and a fresh burn mark on his cheek.

Mason learns the victim was working for the social security office and has left behind an ailing son and grieving widow. The ME has ruled the victim’s death as drowning but Mason knows there’s more to this story. There were marks on the victim’s wrists – suggesting he was held captive hours before his death. But the local police don’t agree to Mason’s findings. The locals don’t like Mason’s interference either. They make sure he knows he doesn’t belong in their county.

This was one heck of a roller-coaster ride. I was hooked on to the story and couldn’t put it down until the end. The locals are a nasty bunch – not all though. Marley, the owner of the pub where Mason temporarily resides, is one of them good guys.

Mason makes a shocking discovery within days of finding Daniel’s body. But he doesn’t make the connection until the end – there’s more to story than just an unruly crowd looking for revenge. I cannot say more about the mystery without giving away spoilers. There’s one thing though – expect the unexpected.

Many reviewers have mentioned this book has Jack Reacher vibes. I totally agree. In fact, Mason Sharpe is better than Reacher. (Sorry Reacher but you have had your share of spotlight and now it’s time for the other guy to shine.)

Excellent storytelling and character development. Though a first in the series, equal importance is given to series-plot setting, character introduction and mystery. I truly hope this series gets picked up for a TV series/ Movie adaptation.

If you are looking for a completely gripping and engrossing page turner, look no further. Add Point Blank by Logan Ryles to your TBR… no scratch that. Grab your copy today and start reading ASAP!

I received an ARC from Inkubator Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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