5 Great Movies like Knives Out

When Knives Out released in 2019, I was curious. Master Detective Benoit Blanc – um, never heard of him! But after watching the movie, I was eagerly waiting for the next installment. The second installment of Knives Out – Glass Onion- was released on OTT on 23rd December 2022. A perfect murderous and mysterious Christmas gift to movie lovers, if you ask me. 😀

Here’s my list of 5 movies to watch if you liked Knives Out.

NOTE: As of writing this post, the listed movies are available on Netflix.

1. Glass Onion (English)

Hands down, this movie is even better than Knives Out. The twist in the second half – phew! I didn’t see it coming.

Let’s see what’s interesting in this movie: we have a rich tech billionaire inviting his friends for a murder mystery party on his island. His mansion is called the Glass Onion. The guests are given rooms according to their dominating chakras.

Benoit Blanc was having a tough time with lockdown and no cases. An invitation to attend a murder mystery party was just the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ he was looking for. But, there’s a catch… the host tells Benoit he never sent him an invite…

Let’s rewind a bit. The guests were given a puzzle to solve and the end result was an invitation enclosed in a glass-onion replica.

So, the party starts and everybody is having a good time until one of the guests drops dead.

2. In For a Murder (Polish)

This gem of a movie is full of cozy-mystery vibes. Magda, a stay-at-home mum (in an unhappy marriage) discovers a body in the local park. The deceased is wearing a pendant that looks similar to the one worn by her friend Weronika.

Weronika was Magda’s best friend and she went missing while they were teenagers. There was no development in the case until now…

Magda starts to investigate the case. The local detective, a handsome man named Jacek Sikora is Magda’s childhood friend. He’s been in love with her for ages now.

Then comes a twist. Or, should I say a romantic twist because we have a handsome and dashing Vet on the scene. And he too is falling in love with Magda.

3. 7 Women and a Murder (Italian)

This women-centric movie is a gem. Christmas Eve, a family meets for festivities and the next day, the man of the house is dead.

They are snowed in, telephone lines cut, and no indication of burglary or an outside – this can mean only one thing. The murder is one of them.

The suspects include the victim’s two daughters, wife, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, newly-appointed maid, and mistress.

The ladies are eagerly looking to point their fingers at each other – and second guessing their suspects. Dysfunctional family, secret love affairs and money, this movie is simply superb.

4. Unknown Origins (Spanish)

A serial killer is on prowl. He uses comics and superheroes’ origin stories to kill his victims. (A victim is fed supplements and steroids to be the Hulk.)

The sleuths (detectives and civilians) on the case include a young inspector named David who thinks comics aren’t for adults, David’s boss Norma who loves cosplaying, a retiring detective named Cosme (he’s forced to submit his resignation and this is his last case) and Cosme’s son Jorge (a comic bookstore owner.)

I loved the twist at the end – a childhood superhero dream coming true kinda vibes. *wink*

A superhero-themed murder mystery – just the kind of movie any comic/murder mystery fan would want!

5. The Bullet Vanishes (Chinese)

This Hong Kong-Chinese murder mystery gives you Golden Age Mystery vibes. The setting, the characters and the murder mystery takes you back to a Miss Marple or Poirot story.

The film features detective duo Song Donglu (a newly appointed detective with an eccentric personality) and Guo Zhui (fastest gunman in Taincheng) solving a series of stranger murders involving the vanishing bullets.

It’s the ‘phantom bullet’ curse, all right. A girl was falsely accused of stealing bullets and the factory owner played a game of Russian roulette which lead to the girl’s death.

Deaths from the phantom bullets suggest the factory is really cursed.

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    1. 7 women and a murder is a recent netflix addition. It’s a locked room/snowed in kinda movie. 😊 Do let me know if you liked it.

      1. Ah yes. They should have ended it at the youngest daughter’s ‘confession.’ But the banter and bickering was good. 😁

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