10 Most Anticipated Books of January 2023

Happy New Year!

I am so excited to be sharing some of the fantastic books releasing this January. The list contains books of the genre Cozy Mysteries – debut and next installments in the series, Psychological thrillers, Medical Thrillers and Domestic Suspense.

Let’s have a look:

Payback by Edie Baylis & Misfire by Tammy Euliano

If I have to pick one sub-genre I discovered (and absolutely loved) in 2022, then I would say Gangland Thrillers. They are gritty, a tad violent, lots of revenge and double games with a dash of saucy romance. Payback is the fourth book in Edie Baylis’ Allegiance series. I have already read the book and I only have praises and more of it. If you are new to/ love gangland thrillers, I suggest you add this to your TBR.

The next book in this list is a favorite from Oceanview Publishing. Misfire by Tammy Euliano is the second book in the series. I read the first book last year and loved it. I was eagerly waiting for the next installment and here we are!

One Down by Diana Wilkinson and The Neighbour by Gemma Rogers

These two gems by Boldwood Books are must-read psychological thrillers of January 2023! Both authors are new to me and boy, did I enjoy reading these creepy, spine-chilling and mind-blowing thrillers.

One Down by Diana Wilkinson is a crossword-themed psychological thriller. I was hooked on to the story and could not put it down until the end. The story is peppered with tips on how to solve crosswords – a win-win for someone like me who’s never solved a crossword before.

The Neighbour by Gemma Rogers is another mind-blowing psychological thriller. A single mother who’s just moved out of her abusive mother’s (deceased recently) home ends up in a wrong neighborhood. Sometimes life surprises us in unexpected ways is all I can say when I think of this book.

Death at Crookham Hall by Michelle Salter and Snuffed Out by Valona Jones

Two cozy series debut – one magical and the other, historical. I love discovering new cozy series and I am so excited about these series debut. I have come to adore magical mysteries – sometimes we all (secretly) wish for a bit of magic in our lives, don’t we. 😉


Last Seen in Santorini by Vivian Conroy and The Master of Mysteries by Gelett Burgess

I am not new to Vivian Conroy’s writing and I am eagerly waiting to read Last Seen in Santorini. Sleuthing in picturesque European cities seems like my kinda murder mysteries.

I never heard of Gelett Burgess before and when I came across this ARC on NetGalley, I decided to give it a try. From the blurb, this sounds like a magical/spooky-ish murder mystery and I cannot wait to read!

Murder in Chianti by T.A. Williams and Dial M for Meow by Ruth J. Hartman

T.A. Williams will be back this January with the next installment of Armstrong and Oscar mystery. Set in picturesque vineyards of Italy, this series is a must-read. I loved… more like LOVED the first installment and having read Murder in Chianti already, I must say this is one on the best retired-cop-turned-sleuth series I have ever read.

Dial M for Meow by Ruth Hartman is the first in Bookshop Kitties mysteries. The series features a chirldren’s book author and her two cats. The author finds herself in real-life crime scenes and unlike the catectives who solve crimes in her fictional stories, she must solve the real-life ones on her own. Or, does she?

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    1. Happy New Year to you too, Sandy. 😊❤
      Thank you, Sandy. I too love your choice of books and reviews – we have a lot of common reads. 😊

    1. Ooh, if you like catectives, you must try Mandy Morton’s No 2 Feline Detective Agency. It’s set in a cat world – where cats run shops, drive cars and scooters, some are bakers… and Agatha Crispy, a best-selling author.

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