Queen of Diamonds by Gillian Godden

It’s my stop today on the blog tour for Queen of Diamonds by Gillian Godden. Many thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for the tour invite.

Title: Queen of Diamonds (The Diamond Series #3)

Author: Gillian Godden

Published on: 9 December 2022

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers | Gangland Thriller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Head of the Diamond family, Patsy is determined to make a success of husband Nick’s gangland empire – whatever the cost. Nick was ruthless and cold-blooded, but he built a legacy that Patsy wants to protect.

So when a mysterious woman from Nick’s past turns up claiming to be Patsy’s new business partner, she senses trouble. Karen Duret demands Patsy’s help, but it comes with a catch. If Patsy refuses, Karen threatens to expose the Diamond family’s darkest secrets…

Patsy needs the help of her trusted allies more than ever, but when a rival gang start a turf war, the stakes suddenly become deadly.

Torn between loyalties, Patsy knows that blood will be spilled. And as battle commences, the question on everyone’s lips is – who will be crowned the queen of diamonds?

OMG!!! I was hooked on to this story and could not put it down until the end. I don’t think I have read ever read a series that is packed with drama, sauce, vengeance and romance as this one.

I read the second book of this series Rough Diamonds a couple of months ago and I absolutely loved it. So, when Rachel sent me a tour invite for the next book (meaning this one), I couldn’t say no, could I? Rough Diamonds was my first gangland thriller read.


Seems like Gangland Thrillers are my new favorite (sub) genre. Revenge, money, illegal activities (drugs, trafficking, murders, you-name-it!), sauce (jealousy, bitchy and lot more) and of course, romance. Patsy Diamond and her lover Larry are at it like rabbits – all one has to do is lock them in a room. 😉

The previous book ended with Patsy Diamond, the new heiress of Diamond family, killing Natasha – Nick’s mistress. Patsy and Natasha started as enemies, then turned friends. But Patsy realized Natasha was playing a very dirty game… and had murdered Nick.

This book begins with the funeral of Beryl Diamond, Patsy’s grandmother-in-law (Nick’s gran). Victoria (Patsy’s mother-in-law), Sheila (Patsy’s friend) and Patsy return home from the wake. They learned the real identity of the “Undertaker” – an anagram for Karen Duret. Larry, Patsy’s lawyer/boyfriend, has arranged a meeting with Karen. Finally, Patsy can expect closure from the mysterious woman who claims to be Nick’s partner in the underworld.

Lots of development and shocking revelations in this latest installment. Karen threatens to expose the Diamond family’s secrets if Patsy does not help her. Karen has been expecting some issues in France and wants Patsy to help her out. Patsy cannot say no because… well, let’s just say Patsy has a lot to lose if she does not help Karen.

The story is peppered with betrayals, double-crossing, dark secrets that tumble out of the closet unexpectedly, kidnapping, brutal killings and much more. I absolutely loved the storytelling and character development. The twists are mind-blowing. I didn’t see them coming.

Speaking of twists, there’s a shocking twist at the end. Jaw dropping and unexpected turn of events. I had to read the last chapter twice to make sure I read it right. I mean, woah! I didn’t see it coming.

This book can be read as a standalone. But, if you ask me, I would recommend to start from book #1 – you don’t want to miss out all the fun, do you?

Queen of Diamonds is an intense, gripping, mind-blowing, shocking, dark and engrossing gangland thriller by Gillian Godden.

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