A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island by Georgina Troy

It’s my stop today on the blog tour for A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island by Georgina Troy. Many thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for the invite.

Title: A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island (Sunshine Island Series #2)

Author: Georgina Troy

Published on: 17 November 2022

Genre: Romance

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island is the second book in Georgina Troy’s Sunshine Island Series.

Popstar Matteo Stanford is eager to escape to the sunshine island to catch up with his old friend Alex and secretly film his latest music video. But within moments of landing, the location for the shoot is leaked to the press, and his island escape and video might be over before they start.

Not to be defeated, Alex’s girlfriend Piper recruits her two best friends Casey and Tara, who run the Smoke and Mirrors stall at the The Cabbage Patch market. It doesn’t take Casey more than a moment to realise the perfect setting for Matteo’s video is Gorey castle, but securing the venue means Casey is soon planning a secret wedding, finding an actress and becoming a set designer!

It’s chaos and crazed fans, peppered with the sweetest moments she’s ever experienced. But could a popstar really fall for island girl Casey Norman?


A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island by Georgina Troy is a charming, gorgeous and delightful read. I enjoyed reading every bit of this book – gorgeous setting, likeable characters and, a dash of romance to seal the deal. 😀

The story begins with Matteo arriving at Sunshine Island and meeting his best friend Alex. Alex’s girlfriend Piper is tagging along. She suggests they visit the venue of shooting as it is on the way to Matteo’s hotel. Matteo agrees and the trio visit the scene. A few hours later, Matteo receives a phone call from his manager Martha saying the venue of the shooting is leaked as someone saw Matteo there.

With the paps thronging the place like bees, it is not going to be easy to shoot the music video. So Piper takes the help of her best friends Casey and Tara to find a new location. Gorey Castle is suggested. But there’s an issue – the castle is booked on the day of the video shoot. There’s to be a wedding. The problem with this wedding is… it is a secret. The bride paid for the venue without telling her fiancé. She does not want to go ahead with her secret plan but it also means losing the deposit money.


Casey suggests Matteo can help. In exchange, they would need the Castle Hall for the morning shoot. The decorations and everything else will be taken care of. The bride only has to worry about attending her own wedding! And of course, bring her groom… 😉

Casey and Matteo have an instant attraction. You know, the kind where boy meets girl, the world stands still, butterflies in the stomach, and sparks fly… What do you mean by “it happens only in the movies”??? I am not a hopeless romantic but I can imagine this scene … with Matteo and Casey in it, mind.

Their love story is not rosy-posy. Matteo is a star and Casey, a commoner. She wonders if she can ever adjust to his lifestyle. Women must be falling over him so why would he want someone like Casey? Speaking of which, we do have a storm here in the form of Fliss, Alex’s sister. Fliss is overly dramatic and an attention seeker. Let’s just say she lives to impress… and fails miserably.

This book was a refreshing change from all the mysteries I have been reading lately. If you are looking for a light read with a dash of romance and gorgeous setting, I recommend you to give A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island by Georgina Troy a try.

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