Chaos at Carnegie Hall by Kelly Oliver

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Title: Chaos at Carnegie Hall ( A Fiona Figg & Kitty Lane Mystery #1)

Author: Kelly Oliver

Published on: 15 November 2022

Genre: Cozy Mystery (Historical)

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chaos at Carnegie Hall is the first book in Kelly Oliver’s Fiona Figgs and Kitty Lane historical Mystery series.

Fiona Figgs’ assignment is to catch a notorious spy named Frederick Fredericks. He’s on his way to America so Fiona must follow. Fiona’s boss does not believe in her capabilities and insists on sending a chaperone every time. Her chaperone/partner is Captain Charles Douglas.

But this time, along with Charles, there’s someone else too. Fiona has not one but two missions to complete. First mission is to arrest Fredericks and the second, chaperone her boss’ niece Eliza.

Eliza is a bubbly eighteen year old who’s going to America to study music. Fiona is not happy with this assignment but there’s nothing she could do about it.

On board the RMS Adriatic, Fiona witnesses a crime. Two men in dark overcoats throw a heavy object overboard. Was someone murdered? Fiona must find out… As the ship reaches America, Fiona is still wondering about the ‘murder’ as none of the guests on-board were missing.

Things are not as easy as it seems in America. The guests on RMS Adriatic included the leader of women’s suffrage movement, a renowned soprano and many more. Fiona finds Fredericks, but she also finds herself caught in a mess. First she gets arrest and then, is found at the scene of murder.


I loved the setting and the side stories – suffrage protests, especially. Women are fighting for their right to vote and right to use a birth control. Fiona is itching to use her disguises and follow Fredericks but she needs to keep an eye on Eliza.

Some of the famous personalities who make an appearance in this story include Edgar Hoover, Thomas Edison, Dorothy Parker and Margaret Sangar.

I loved Fiona’s disguises. There is a scene where Fiona makes an oopsie. She goes to the concierge in her disguise, forgetting she’s dressed as a man. She speaks of ‘her’ husband and the concierge has no idea what’s the ‘gentleman’ is talking about…

I found Fiona’s dislike for “Americanisms” funny – watery tea, distasteful martinis (she does not like the idea of olives in a drink) and “too sweet” cookies (she has no idea what cookies are.)

The mystery was okay. There was a lot of emphasis on side stories and Fiona’s original mission fell a tad sideways. She gets to it in the second half, all right. But I wish she had concentrated more on her original mission (arrest Fredericks).

Having said that, I found Chaos at Carnegie Hall by Kelly Oliver to be an enjoyable and engrossing read. Loved the setting. The characters were likable too. Speaking of characters, Kitty Lane’s appearance was a unexpected surprise.

If you are looking for an engrossing and entertaining historical mystery, I recommend you to give Chaos at Carnegie Hall by Kelly Oliver a try.

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  1. This sounds like good fun, and I like that it has real-life historical figures and context as well, with the suffrage movement and women’s rights. Can’t wait to get started on this. Great review!

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