Weekly Wrap-Up, 1-6 November 2022

I have had such a tiring week. First, my laptop started acting as if it was possessed. A day after Halloween! Not kidding! The screen started to flicker – desktop screen/ grey screen – repeat. Somehow it was alright the next day. Then, I had a series of system crashes. Since these problems started after the latest update, I uninstalled the updates, did a disk fix and full system antivirus scan.

It worked fine for a day. Yesterday, the OS crashed. No recovery, reset, restart, bloody any option with re-… is not working. Funniest thing is, it asks me for a password. When I type in, it says incorrect. But to change password, I need to sign-in. But to sign-in, I first need to reset the system. That cannot happen until I type in my password… My laptop has lost its mind!

I suppose the OS is gone and the only option is to get it reinstalled. Since my laptop is eleven years old (still looks brand new-ish; Genes, I say!), I think it is time to buy a new one. I cannot upgrade the OS to Windows 11 with the existing hardware. No point reinstalling Windows 10. Gosh! Thinking back, this laptop has been with me since Windows 7 era! I somehow do not want to part with it as I had purchased it with my first few salaries.

Having said that, the eclipse next week (November 8th) is all about letting go… let it go, let it go, Windows 10 OS has crashed. Let it go, let it go, buy a new laptop if you want… that’s not how the lyrics goes, is it?

I don’t care

What they ‘re going to say…

Let a storm rage on…

The cold always bothered me anyway! We had a spell of rain this week and the weather’s turned chilly! Honey Chilly Garlic potatoes! How I wish the heavens dropped hot honey chilly potatoes instead of water! I cannot tolerate cold or hot weather. When I feel cold, I wear sweaters and socks, and then end up sweating. So I turn on the fan and after a while, I feel cold once again. What do I do????

Moving on…

I was busy with trying to repair my laptop on my own so I did not get a lot of reading done. I read 3books – not bad considering I spent most of my time hitting my head against the wall. Not to worry, there are no dents on the wall… not yet, at least.

3 cozy mysteries I read this week include Murder Outside the Lines by Krista Davis, Gavels, Tinsel and Murder by Victoria Tait and A False Charity by Veronica Heley. I am halfway through Stone Cold Killing by D.E. White. I still have a lot of NetGalley ARCs pending and some more blog tour books to read. I am so behind on my reading!! Where is the bloody Time Machine, I say!

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