Six Degrees of Separation: From The Naked Chef to Brownies and Bloodshed

This is my first post for Kate’s 6 Degrees of Separation meme. This month, Kate has begun the challenge with The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver.

So, let me take you to an imaginary world where I am the chef of a restaurant. You are at my restaurant for a quiet Sunday night dinner.

First I give you a Menu for Murder. Honey Driver’s head chef Chef Smudger is participating in BITE – Bath International Taste Extravaganza. Smudger comes second and picks up a fight with the winner. The next day, the winner is found dead – stuffed like a turkey in the oven.

While you decide on what you want to order, how about some tea? Murder Spills the Tea – Lily Roberts, owner of Tea by the Sea is participating in America Bakes! – a hottest TV cooking show. On the second day of shooting, bad-boy chef and celebrity judge Thomas is found dead in the tearoom’s kitchen…

You order the main course and I start cooking…

Main Course #1: Calypso, Corpses and Cooking: It’s Halloween and Los Dias de Muertos. Trick or Treat, be quick, or you might just see the head chef of a country club fall to his death!

Main Course #2: Well, when the head chef falls to his death, this is certainly a Cornish Recipe for Murder! Once again, it is a baking contest and the production assistant is found dead after a tiff with the show’s host.

Time for desserts!

You have two options:

Option #1: A Christmas Candy Killing. Do you not want to pass on a handful of poisoned-themed Killer Chocolates, do you? Candy Cane Coniine, Gingerbread Gelsemine, Fruitcake Fluorine, Strychnine Strawberry…

Option #2: Brownies and Bloodshed. Dotty’s grandmother is getting married and the best way to celebrate this occasion is by murdering the groom’s elder brother. Wait, what? No!!

Take a deep breath, eat a brownie. They are not poisoned. At least, I think not…

This completes my list of six culinary/baking-themed cozy mysteries. From drinks to main course to desserts, I gotcha covered. Well, it did turn out to be a tad murderous but all’s fair in poisionous food and love, right? 😉

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