The Girl of Lost Petals and Possibilities by Laura Briggs

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Title: The Girl of Lost Petals and Possibilities (A Cornish Hotel by the Shore #1)

Author: Laura Briggs

Published on: 27 April 2022

Genre: Romance | Chick Lit

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have read Laura Briggs’ Little Hotel in Cornwall series and had fallen in love with the characters – Maisie, Sidney and Dean. I was so excited to hear this would be a sequel to the original series. Things ended well in Little Hotel in Cornwall. Maisie had moved from the States to Penmarrow in search of her favorite author Alistair Davies. She took up a job at the Penmarrow hotel and as the story proceeded, we saw Maisie and Sidney grow close. Then, Maisie learned about Sidney – a rich heir who leads a very different and secretive life in Penmarrow.

As the series ended, we saw Maisie meeting author Alistair Davies! This series begins with Dean (Sidney’s paraplegic friend), Sidney and Maisie are on a holiday to Egypt. Things are going well for Maisie. Her debut novel has been accepted by a publisher and she will be signing a deal soon. Things with Sidney too are going well. Maisie cannot think of a life without Sidney in it…

But things change. An accident. Maisie is so overwhelmed by the loss that she does not know how to begin to process it. Then comes another shock – something about her about-to-be-published book. Tragedies strikes in threes, they say. To top it all is the global pandemic and lockdown. Maisie is not only cut out from the external world, but also from her dreams.


I did not know what to expect when I started reading this book. From the blurb, I had an idea as to what Maisie might go through – a tragedy was mentioned. But I did not know that the tragedy would be so shocking that Maisie’s life will be turned upside down. First the accident, then something to do with her writing career, gosh, the poor girl goes through a lot.

The one thing that is stable in Maisie’s life is her job at Penmarrow. Thank god for Mr. Trelawney and his kind heartedness, the hotel staff will spend the lockdown ‘locked’ inside Penmarrow Hotel – cleaning the hotel rooms and other areas. It’s not all work and no fun, though. Movie nights and small get togethers once in a while brings the staff together.

I really cannot discuss much about the tragedy though. Do not want to spoil the read for those who are looking forward to reading this book. But I would say this: as the story ends, Maisie has to take a decision. And it’s not going to be easy. That said, I am really looking forward to knowing how this new development will be explored further. Will things for Sidney and Maisie change for good?

I cried as I was reading through. I hoped the best for Dean, Sidney and Maisie. But everything changed in a matter of minutes. Things might never be the same again…

I love Laura Briggs’ storytelling. I didn’t believe much in happy endings until I read Hotel in Cornwall series. Though things have started a bit rough here, I know this series will end on a good note. It goes without saying that the characters are well-portrayed. I suppose I do get to see the characters in a new avatar now – or rather, how they cope up with what’s to come next. Fingers crossed.

I highly recommend you to read The Girl of Lost Petals and Possibilities. It is better to start with Little Hotel in Cornwall first and then move on to this series so that you get a better idea of how it all started.

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