Weekly Wrap-Up, 24-30 October, 2022

It has been an eventful week. I read a lot of books and also managed to complete one painting. Yay me!

I decided to join Simon and Kaggsy’s #1929Club reading challenge at the last minute. I knew this would mean I wouldn’t be able to tackle some of my NetGalley ARC backlog.

Anyhoo, I had a great time reading 4 mystery classics and 3 NetGalley ARCs this week 😀 It did seem like a bit too much of reading by Friday evening so I took it slow over the weekend. I also finished watching Modern Family this week. Why are series finale such a dud? Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager had terrible finales. I did not like the final season of Brooklyn-nine-nine and Modern Family – things came to an end too soon.

I am currently watching season 2 of Into The Night. I watched the first season in original language (French, if I am not mistaken) with English subtitles. I have this thing where if the lip movement and audio does not match, I cannot follow the story. But in this case, I had trouble following the story in the original language so I switched to English. It was quite tedious to follow (because of the lip movement and audio mismatch) but I just want to be done with the series. The second season is a bore! Ugh!

I watched Salvation two weeks ago. An asteroid hitting Earth in six months and a tech billionaire wanting to save the planet… this sounded like a very good plot line – something similar to the movie Don’t Look Up. But my god, the story and the characters – utter disaster! First, this person has an affair with the secretary of DoD. When the tech billionaire comes into picture, she falls for him. When she was dating the sec-DoD, she told her daughter about it and the daughter ended up having an affair with the sec-DoD’s son. In season 2, the sec-DoD’s son is dead (killed by government officials) and his girlfriend is pregnant. The tech guy first becomes VP and then President of United States. But all his efforts to push the asteroid away from Earth fails. There is a bunker for government officials and their family. So Sec-DoD suggests the woman marry him so that she, her daughter, and his would-be-grandbaby live together. So, the grandbaby’s paternal and maternal grandparents are one and the same. The dead son returns to life – he was not dead at all. Lol! I felt totally lost… what the heck story was this? They must change the title to Don’t Watch This.

The four books I read for #1929Club are:

Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett

The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey

The Murder on the Enriqueta by Molly Thynne

The Doctor Who Held Hands by Hulbert Footner

Three NetGalley ARCS I read this week:

Ten Years by Pernille Hughes

The Clinic by Sally-Anne Martyn

Silent Victim by Michael Wood

Blog Tour Posts:

The Sleepover by Keri Beevis

That’s all for this week. See you all next week. 🙂 Adios!

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