6 Halloween-themed Mysteries to Read this October

Are you looking for a spooky read this Halloween? You have come to the right place. Spooky fun, candies, trick-or-treat and, a murder mystery to keep one guessing till the end, here is my list of 6 Mysteries to read this Halloween.

#1: Death at Neptune Yard by Jan Durham

Consider this scenario: A picturesque seaside town in North Yorkshire, an annual Goth festival on Halloween, a Barghest – the legendary dog of death, gossip, terror and a series of mysterious fatalities.

Death at Neptune Yard by Jan Durham is a marvelous and completely engrossing cozy mystery with the themes of goth, terror and everything that screams ‘Halloween!’ Excellent storytelling, a dash of Yorkshire’s history, likeable characters, a tinge of romance and a crime that keeps one guessing till the end are the spotlights of this book. The themes of Goth and Halloween festivities makes this a perfect Cozy Halloween read.

#2: A Ghostly Shadow by H L Marsay

We are once again visiting Yorkshire! But this time, we will be in the city of York and not the coast.

Chief Inspector John Shadow Mysteries is a fantastic detective fiction series by the very-talented Helen Marsay. Set in the town of York, A Ghostly Shadow is about the mystery surrounding the murders of ghost walk tour guides. First, a man dressed as Dick Turpin is found hanging from a tree; then, a guy dressed as Guy Fawkes is killed by gunpowder explosion. Can it get spookier than this? I think not.

#3: 15 Minutes of Flame by Christin Brecher

Looking for a quirky cozy read? Look no further because I have the right book for you.

15 Minutes of Flame is the third book in A Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery series featuring a quirky protagonist named Stella Wright. What makes this book a Halloween read? Well, let’s see. We have Stella unearthing a skeleton which is somehow connected to the age-old lore involving the Petticoat Row ladies. One of the ladies was believed to have jumped into the well and hundred years later, an archeologist who was called in to investigate the skeleton is found dead. Is his death a result of paranormal activity? Or, is there something sinister at play?

#4: The Supper Club Murders by Victoria Dowd

Not a Halloween-themed mystery but certainly fits the bill.

The Supper Club is the third book in Victoria Dowd’s Smart Women series. In The Supper Club, Ursula Smart, her mother and the rest of the book club members are invited to a Supper Safari party.

The party begins with a ghastly ‘shock’ involving the iron maiden (not the band!) Then, bodies start to drop – all killed by medieval techniques (cannonball, waterboarding, left to die in the priest hole…)

#5: Haunted House Ghost by James J Cudney

Haunted House Ghost is the fifth book in James Cudney’s Braxton Campus series.

Note: This book must be read in series order.

When the old library building is demolished, Kellan (our protagonist) discovers skeletal remains in the rubble. Prudence Grey went missing fifty years ago… she was last seen walking into the library.

Meanwhile, Kellan has moved to a dilapidated house that was once owned by the Greys. Since the discovery of Prudence’s remains, Kellan is haunted by a ghost…

#6: A Picture of Murder by T.E. Kinsey

Continuing with the cozy mystery theme, it’s time to travel to Victorian England where we meet Lady Hardcastle and her maid, Florence Armstrong in A Picture of Murder.

Nolan Cheetam’s Moving Picture Theater is coming to Littleton Cotterel. It is almost Hallow’s eve and the villagers are superstitious enough to believe in ghosts that venture out during this time of the year. Then, one of the actors is found dead in the same way his character dies in the play. His body never reaches the morgue…

Haunted at Hallow’s eve, indeed!

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