Weekly Wrap-Up, 3 – 9 October, 2022

I was on a two-week break for navratri and got back to blogging this week. 🙂

I am slowing catching up with all the NetGalley ARCs. I read five books this week.

Murder in Tuscany by T.A. Williams is a series debut; the first in Armstrong and Oscar Cozy Mystery series. Retired detectives turned sleuths is a new theme, I suppose. Murder in Tuscany features a retired detective who finds himself in the midst of a murder case while he’s on a writing retreat in Tuscany. Peppered with humor and bits of fur ( 😉 ), this cozy debut is a must-read.

Speaking of retired detectives solving crimes, Steph Broadribb’s Death at Paradise Palms, the second book in Retired Detectives Club is releasing next week. I had read the first book earlier this year and was super excited to see the next book available on NetGalley. This is, no doubt, another smashing hit in the series.

I had read Darci Hannah’s Murder at Beacon Bakeshop, the first in beacon Bakeshop cozy mystery series last week. I managed to catch up with the next book in this series – Murder at Christmas Bake-off. The series features an NY investment banker turned baker and a lighthouse ghost. The chaos that finally leads to a murder is a tad intense – the cat-fights and all that. I also found one of the characters annoying ( and she happens to be the protagonist’s best friend *eye roll* ) but overall, it is an enjoyable read.

The Sleepover by Keri Beevis is releasing later this month. I am posting the review as a part of a blog tour so I read it this week. It’s a chilling psychological thriller about five teenage girls who went through an experience that left them with mental scars. But that was twenty-years ago. The woman who harassed them has been released from prison recently and is out to get revenge.

I also read A Bride’s Guide to Marriage and Murder by Dianne Freeman. I had binge read the first four books a couple of months ago. When I saw the latest installment on KU catalog, I decided to read it right away rather than add it to my never-ending TBR!

Reviews posted on the blog this week:

The Chamomile Conspiracy by Louise Marvin

Color Me Murder by Krista Davis

One Hot Summer by Anita Waller

Calypso, Corpses, and Cooking by Raquel V. Reyes

Murder Up To Bat by Elizabeth McKenna

Death at Paradise Palms by Steph Broadribb

That’s it for this week. See you all next week. 😊

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    1. I liked it. It’s like a creepy nightmare-ish thriller.
      It’s available for request on netgalley if you want to read it before publication. 😊

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