The Last Lie Told by Debra Webb

Title: The Last Lie Told (Finley O’Sullivan #1)

Author: Debra Webb

Published on: 1 August 2022

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Last Lie Told is the first book in Debra Webb’s Finley O’Sullivan series.

Charlie Holmes, a man imprisoned for killing Lance Legard, recants his confession, claiming he’s innocent and his girlfriend had killed the man. The girlfriend is none other than the victim’s own daughter. Finley quit her job at the DA’s office after a nervous breakdown and now works as a legal investigator at Jack’s firm. Jack is an old family friend and Finley’s godfather.

Finley’s husband Derrick was killed in their home – and Fin was raped, brutally assaulted and left to die. Derrick’s murder remains unsolved and Finley believes it had something to do with her last case. Though Finley recovered, she wasn’t in a state to handle cases again. But her boss, DA Briggs, gave her a high pressure case which led to Finley losing her mind during a court session. She was on probation from the bar for a year and she quit her job before Briggs could fire her.

When Jack tells Finley about the Holmes case being reopened, she wonders why has the accused changed his statement five years after conviction. As she and Jack start to investigate the case – they are representing Legard’s family (wife and twin daughters), they unearth a whole lot of secrets. Turns out, everybody on the suspect list is a liar. Whom to believe? Whom not to believe? Finley does not know…


Wowzer! This book was one heck of a roller-coaster ride. A grieving widow trying to make peace with her past, a re-opened murder case that takes the bad guys by surprise, a traumatic past involving twin sisters and a web of lies and deceit.

The story begins with Charlie Holmes requesting a chat with a lawyer. He tells the legal representative that he did not kill Lance Legard. He was only trying to save his girlfriend from being convicted of… killing her father! Things have changed now as Holmes has found Jesus – and wants to confess his sins.

Finley arrives at her workplace to see Jack missing. He’s not answering her calls. She goes to his cabin and fears the worst – Jack is a recovering alcoholic and she believes he’s gone back to drinking. Thankfully, he hasn’t. He talks to her about the new case he’s taken up – Sophia Legard, widow of Lance Legard, has asked Jack to represent her and her twin daughters.

Finley learns that one of the twins, Olivia, is estranged from her family. Finley and Jack meet Sophia and Cecelia at their home, and then Olivia at the hotel. Cecelia is now a agoraphobic and stays with her mother at all times. Finley sees the difference between the two sisters – Cecelia is shy and reserved while Olivia is bold and straight-forward.

Matt Quinn, Finley’s childhood friend and a prosecutor at the DA’s office tells her his boss and the chief are up to something. They do not want Jack and Finley investigating the Legard case. As Finley and Jack dig deeper into the Legard case, they learn of an affair that caused a considerable loss to the music label (Legard). But what has this got to do with Charlie Holmes and his so-called-girlfriend? The twins claim they never met him. But Charlie has confessed that one of the sisters killed their father.

I lost count of the number of twists and turns in this story. Not just that, the lies – gosh! As Finley digs deeper, she learns everyone on the suspect list has something to hide. And they have lied about certain things – alibi, relationships, etc. Whom should Finley trust? There comes a time when Jack too feels betrayed by his client.

Finley has her hands full with the Legard case when she receives a startling news about her husband’s murder. As if this isn’t enough, her relationship with her mother (The Judge) becomes even more strained. The Judge does not want Finley and Jack to involve in the Legard case – Fin especially, and ruin her chances of getting her job back at the DA’s office.

I never saw the final twist coming. It wasn’t until the end that Finley realized who the real killer was – but it was too late by then, as she was standing face-to-face with them! The twist itself was simply mind-blowing. Totally unexpected and jaw-dropping.

I am eagerly waiting to see what’s next for Finley. Since there has been some development in her husband’s murder case, things are going to get murky soon.

If you are looking for a gripping, intense and completely engrossing mystery with loads of jaw-dropping twists, I highly recommend you to give The Last Lie Told by Debra Webb a try.

I received an ARC from Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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