Weekly Wrap-Up, 12-18 September 2022

I missed last week’s Weekly Wrap-Up post as I was down with a tummy bug and high fever. I spent the whole of Friday night throwing up and ended up with a high fever by Saturday morning. In the past 15 years, I have hardly had a bout of fever.

I fell sick thrice this year, and all three times I was down with high fever. First two were in Jan, covid-19 vaccine side-effects and a week later, an Omicron infection. And then, last week. I have had some health issues since the Omicron infection but diet, exercise and medicines have helped. Anyhoo, I am better now and that is what matters, right?

Rant over, let’s chitchat about the books I read this past week.

My reading speed is still slow. Sometimes, I manage to read a book a day, and sometimes, it takes me almost 3 days to finish one. I am still catching up on the NetGalley ARCs and books I received for the upcoming blog tours.

I read The Santa Killer by Ross Greenwood on Monday. It’s about a serial killer who dresses up as Santa and attacks single mothers. This is the sixth book in DI Barton series and the previous installments are based on a similar theme – killings around festive season. Overall, this was a good read. I am looking forward to catching up on the series. Turns out, this is the final book in the series as the author will be concentrating on writing a new series.

Do you prefer long series? Or, do you want the series to get over in 5-6 books? Well, for me, it depends on the author and the series in question. Bellairs’ Littlejohn series has almost 50 books. Then there’s Holmes, Miss Marple and Poirot – love the short as well as full length novels (Marple & Poirot). But when it comes to modern mysteries, I prefer short series. It gives the author to experiment on a new series and possibly, a new genre too. What say?

I also read a romance/women’s fiction novel this week – Let It Snow by Beth Moran. I have read another book by this author and was really looking forward to reading more of her works. I loved the story – at times, it felt like there were a lot of side stories. But overall, this was a refreshing read – and a nice change as I was tired of reading crime and thrillers. Haha!

I finished reading Someone’s Watching Me by Zoe Rosi on Friday. It’s a psychological thriller with stalker-ish tones. The story gets very creepy at times and might make you a tad paranoid too. Imagine someone deliberately trying to ruin everything you have in life. Reason? Unknown. I know, right. Chills!

I also read a cozy mystery this week – Murder Up To Bat by Elizabeth McKenna. This is the second book in the series. I remember reading the series debut three years ago and I was looking forward to catch up on the series. The series features a Chicago Tribune reporter who moves to small town – she falls in love with the place and…um, the local detective. *wink* I really loved the story – amateur sleuthing and a dash of romance, that’s what makes a cozy mystery ‘cozy’, right?

I am currently reading Ballistics at the Ballet by B.J. Bowen. I started it on Friday evening but was caught up in some art project so couldn’t finish it sooner. I am planning to complete the book by tonight so that I can start the next tomorrow. New week, new bookish list. 😀

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    1. No cold or cough so probably not covid. I still wear masks while out so I am going to assume this was some viral tummy bug.

  1. Sorry about the stomach bug. I hate those – had one in early July.
    I enjoy series, but only for fantasy. If I’m reading any other genre, I prefer standalones.

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