Weekly Wrap-Up, 8 – 14 August 2022

We are halfway through August! When did that happen???

I have had quite an eventful week – caught up on some pending tasks. I am going through a reading slump so I managed to read just three books this week. Health has been better this past week. Meds and lots of rest has definitely helped me regain muscle strength.

I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation since mid-July or so. I did not like Captain Picard throughout season 1. I felt he was cold and distant. Of late, he’s turning out to be a total softie beneath that tough exterior. I always have a favorite character or two in any series that I watch. From Star Trek: Enterprise (Original), my favorite was Spock. Star Trek: Voyager – the Doctor aka EMH and Seven of Nine. In Star Trek: The Next Gen, Captain Picard. Well, I might have another favorite character in this series by the time I finish watching all the episodes.

I also watched The Core yesterday. Earth’s core stops spinning and the only way to restart it is by detonating nuclear weapons into it. Pretty decent movie. I won’t watch it again though.

I did a bit of gardening this week. My aunt returned from Australia and brought me two packets of flower seeds. One was Australian native flower mix and the other, calendula. The native flower mix pack was supposed to contain 500 seeds. I found only 40 in the pack. Mum said, “some seeds are so tiny that you cannot see them” – meaning invisible to naked eye. So I emptied the pack twice into the pot to make sure the invisible seeds are sown too. A few of them (the ones I could see) have germinated now. I think the invisible seeds have germinated too but I cannot see them. If seeds are invisible, the saplings would be invisible too, right? 😉

I joined Instagram ( @bookdecoder )this week. A bit distracted with endless scrolling – this explains why I did not read a lot of books this week. 😉

I read A Deadly Covenant by Michael Stanley, A Killing of Costumes by Zac Bissonnette and A Bidding for Revenge by Victoria Tait this week. 2 cozy mysteries and 1 police procedural. I started reading Catch Her Death by Wendy Dranfield last evening. I won’t be reading anything today so I will most probably finish the book by Monday evening.

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I am going on a break from 19th to 30th August so this is my last weekly wrap-up post for this month. See you all in September. 🙂

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