Weekly Wrap-Up, 1-7 August 2022

We are a week through August already! Didn’t the dates get a memo that they must travel at the speed of sound and not speed of light?

This is going to be a short post as I did not read a lot of books this week. I have been struggling with post-covid complications since February – soon after an Omicron infection in late January. First memory fog and tissue inflammation, now muscle weakness. Things worsened last week and I had to pay a visit to the doctor’s clinic and get new medications for the symptoms. I am feeling a bit better now.

Don’t worry, though. I love to chat, tell long stories so I will be back with loads of chi-chat next sunday.

Books I read this week:

#1. Blue Murder by Cath Staincliffe

#2. Green Rush by Libby Howard

#3. The Haven by Bradley West

#4. Hit and Run by Cath Staincliffe

Reviews on the blog this week:

Murder in Fulbridge Village by Jay Gill

Slain at the Sea by Cindy Bell

A Forgotten Shadow by H. L. Marsay

An Inconspicuous Murder by Norah Winter

Murder at the Convent by Tanya R. Taylor

Non-review post:

Top Ten Tuesday, 2 August 2022

See you all next week. 😊

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