Weekly Wrap-Up, 18 – 24 July, 2022

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Yet another slow week, reading-wise. I managed to read 5 books this week. I took a much needed break from reading. Caught up on some TV shows. I have come to love the sci-fi TV series, especially space travel ones.

I am through with the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Having watched Star Trek: Enterprise (Original) and Star Trek: Voyager previously, I must say, out of the three, I liked Voyager the best. I have heard the new Picard series on Prime Video has Seven of Nine and Icheb (both appeared on Voyager) so I have a lot of catching up to do.

I am also watching Orville from the beginning. I know, right. I am on a sci-fi overload. Lol. Any idea when the latest Doctor Who season will be on air? 😉 I found a lot of Star Trek comics on Kindle Unlimited catalog. I suppose I must add it to my never-ending TBR. Sometimes I wonder if my TBR is the issue or my ‘compulsion’ to read this, that and everything else? Hmm!

The Waitress by Nina Manning is a must-read psychological thriller. So suspenseful, thrilling and engrossing story – edge-of-your-seat worthy! The story begins with a waitress winning a lottery – the prize is a mansion + 20k pounds in the bank account. But soon after her move to the new house, things start going wrong. Small ‘incidents’ but still enough to make one paranoid. Turns out, the waitress is hiding something – something from her past.

Lies, Spies and the Baker’s Surprise by Terry Ambrose is the sixth book in Seaside Cove B&B mysteries. I have been following this series from the start and when the latest book was released, I was curious to know what’s next for the characters – two of the recurring/main characters were tying the knot, you see. I have made an observation here – some series get better with each book while some, the opposite.

In this series, we have a eleven-year-old girl sleuthing – and she doesn’t take no for an answer. It has got her into trouble many times but the adults know it is better to let her sleuth than stop her. In this story, a nasty man threatens her, behaves rudely with her – the kind who wouldn’t think twice before (grievously) harming someone. Yet, the adults do nothing to keep her away from him. Really???

One Last Day of Summer by Shari Low is absolutely heart-warming story of four people finding a second chance at living their lives to the fullest. Most of this story happens on a flight to St. Lucia. We have a woman trying hard for a baby, another woman (middle-aged) restarting her life after an abusive marriage, a groom who learns his fiancée cheating on him (she slept with his brother), and a man who had a one-night stand with a pretty woman and goes in search of her – as he thinks she’s The One.

As these four strangers meet for the first time, they go ahead with the introductions and small talks. Finally, it leads them to pouring their heart out to strangers. As the story ends, we see the four face their worse fears and learn that… life is not all that bad. 🙂

Slain at the Sea by Cindy Bell is the first book in Maddie Mills Cozy Mystery series. I have been seeing a lot of Cindy Bell’s books on KU so decided to give this book a try. I loved the writing. But the main character… not so much. I do not like a know-it-all amateur sleuth. Especially the ones who think they are better than the local cops. Okay, if the local cop turns out to be bad at his job, perhaps a know-it-all sleuth fits well. But in this case, the cop was not bad. As the story ended, it so happened that he was on the right track – but Miss know-it-all had to poke her nose and put her life in jeopardy. *rolls eyes*

I also read What Next? by Shari Low. Hilarious and absolutely lovely story. I have come to like Shari’s books and perhaps it is time to catch up with all her novels… I see my TBR running away. It’s left a note saying: “Your expectations are too high for me to handle.” 😉

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    1. Start running ahead from next week. 😉 If I keep cracking jokes like this, I will be banned from… wherever. lol

    1. Aww, so sweet of you. 😊❤
      One last Day of summer was a good one. I usually do not read anything other than mysteries but I have decided it is time to explore other genres. So far, I have read three of Shari’s books and liked them all. 😊

      The book is on KU if you are looking to pick it up.

  1. Ok – I’m in on The Waitress…sounds like a good one. I don’t know about you, but these weekly blog visits just make my TBR list explode. I try to limit myself to just one recommendation from each blog – but even then, it’s a LOT! I usually read about 3 a week and even so, my list is about 10 years worth of reading!!! 🙂https://www.bookshelfjourneys.com/post/sunday-post-8

    1. Ooh, yes. 😊 The waitress is so good that you will want to read it in one sitting.
      Same here. My TBR is increasing at an alarming rate. Old books, new releases, recommendations, goodness, the list goes on and on. 😊

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