The Well of Truth by Elizabeth A. Gould

Title: The Well of Truth: Stories of Spirit

Author: Elizabeth A. Gould

Published on: 14 June 2022

Genre: Fiction

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Incorporating the elements of mystery, fantasy and lore, The Well of Truth is the story of Grace’s journey through adult life. Through the initiations of marriage, raising children, divorce, menopause, getting a second chance at finding love and losing loved ones, Grace gains insight and spiritual wisdom from unexpected places.

The story begins with a just-out-of-college looking for the Well of Truth in rural Scotland. When most of her peers have joined the rat race and have started to earn, Grace wants to take a break from stressful life she’s had so far. She spends some time in a spiritual community and one of the community members tell her about the Well of Truth.

Grace manages to find the Well of Truth and when she hugs the tree nearby, she receives a message, “This is who you are.” We are then given glimpses into Grace’s adult life – from marriage to childbirth complications to problems in marriage that ultimately lead to divorce. Grace finds herself jittery and irritated on her wedding day. Her sister tells her it is normal to feel anxious.

A few years later, Grace is pregnant with her first child. She involves herself in part mystical, part spiritual activities and decides to have a normal childbirth. But things turn a little complicated and Grace must have an emergency cesarean. Though she is not comfortable with the sudden change of events, she finally lets go of the control – maybe this is how it was supposed to be.


Then comes motherhood and the birth of her second daughter. Throughout the process, Grace feels something amiss in her life. She receives wisdom from mystical goddesses and spiritual beings whenever she feels lost. She knows her marriage with Jack is fizzling out but she does not expect Jack telling her that he’s found someone else.

Heart-broken, she goes to New Zealand to meet her sister. There, she encounters another mystical being and gains courage to face whatever life has to offer post divorce.

If you are into spirituality and find yourself close to nature, follow the moon cycles for manifestations or menstrual cycles, listen to your inner voice and deep down know that there’s much more to life than eat-work-sleep, you will be able to relate to Grace’s story. Guidance is always available to those who want, look or ask for it. Whenever Grace finds herself in the middle of a dilemma or feels lost, she receives guidance that gives her courage to move forward.

Throughout the story, we have the voice of the old woman (Grace’s guide) tell her to breathe, just be and love herself first. Isn’t there a saying that only when you love yourself, you will be able to truly love someone else? Grace is reminded of this whenever she feels straying from her true self.

Also, there are times when we hold on to something though it has served its purpose in our lives. The old woman tells Grace that some things must be let off so that there is room for new experiences. Again, this is something that each one of us can relate to.

The Well of Truth by Elizabeth Gould is a must-read book for those who are on the path of self discovery, or those who are looking to explore the path of self discovery.

Many thanks to Michelle Fitzgerald for the ARC. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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