Diary of a Buddhist Cat by Julian Worker

Title: Diary of a Buddhist Cat

Author: Julian Worker

Published on: 19 September 2021

Genre: General Fiction | Humor

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Freddie has had a difficult start in life. He was taken away from his mumma when he was just a kitten. He spent a few days with his previous owner before being moved to the cat shelter. He was then adopted by a nice couple named John and Mary.

There’s another rescue cat at his new home. Her name is Gemma. Gemma has had a tough start too. Her kittens were forcefully taken away from her and she’s still grieving. Gemma tells Freddie not to suffer from fascist diarrhea and also believes that humans indulge in jackboot thuggery all the time. Little Freddie has no idea what fascist, diarrhea, jackboot, or thuggery means. He goes to the library, finds a dictionary and looks for the meaning of these words.

Freddie couldn’t find the meaning of jackboot but he came across a word that sounds similar – jackfruit. Is Gemma trying to warn him y saying that humans will commit violence using large fruit and shouting Nazi propaganda? Goodness! Freddie cat must be aware of the dreaded fruit. He doesn’t want to be at the receiving end of a jackfruit throwing match.


Freddie cat also visits the library often. The first time he stepped into the library, he found the librarian using a photocopier. When the librarian went home for lunch, Freddie decided to take a couple of photocopies of his rear end. Freddie believes the images of his rear are nothing short of a precious art work. Cat bum art, anyone?

The librarian returns from lunch and sees an image of cat’s bum… oops, I mean Freddie’s art work. Soon, a rumor spreads around the library that they are being haunted by a ghostly cat that loves to take photocopies of its bum. Lordy!

Freddie also makes friends with the crows, a squirrel named Rufus and a hamster named Holly. Gemma is hostile towards him. She attacks him once and that gets her grounded for a few days. Freddie feels ad for Gemma because as a Buddhist and well-read cat, he knows Gemma is suffering.

Being a Buddhist cat requires patience. Freddie eats one kibble at a time and his owner wonders if Freddie has a toothache. Freddie also bows to his food bowl before eating, bows to the tree or stairs before climbing and treats every animal and plant with kindness and respect.

Rufus wants to play on the children’s slide in the park. But his furry tail doesn’t allow him to gain the same enjoyment that others do when they use the slide. So, it is up to Freddie and his cawing friends to make sure humans help Rufus fulfill his dream.

Diary of a Buddhist Cat is such a cute and charming story. Narrated by Freddie, the story revolves around his daily life. He writes his experiences in a diary. Cats are very intelligent creatures and Freddie is no different. He loves everything Zen.

This book will leave a lasting impression on all those who read it. Though narrated in a humorous way, one can reflect on the deeper meaning of the words that Freddie has to say. Kindness, understanding someone’s suffering, helping someone and of course, a bit of fun is always necessary, innit?

If you are looking for a lighthearted read, I highly recommend you to try Diary of a Buddhist Cat by Julian Walker.

I received an ARC from BooksGoSocial and NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Diary of a Buddhist Cat by Julian Worker

  1. I was waiting for your review. Glad you enjoyed it. I loved all the animals and birds he meets as well; I was expecting Freddie’s ‘art’ to give you a laugh–that was the one thing I didn’t care for though, But its a lovely book–his reading interests were amazing.

    1. I just hope the cats at home don’t try any art work on our printer-scanner! 4 cat bums is too much artwork. Haha.

  2. So cute…….I surely want to read this one…..Thanks for the wonderful review. Have you read Dalai Lama’s Cat? That’s another classic.

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