How many cats are too many?

I am a cat person. I love dogs too but if given a choice, I would pick cats over dogs any day! My friend Mallika says she cannot choose between cats and dogs. Well, I connect with cats better. Dogs are nice… as long as they are on the other side of the wall. 😛

Of late, I have been thinking How many cats are too many? We have 4 cats at home now. (Yes, there’s a story attached to each kitty and that will come later in the post.) So, having 4 cats got me thinking – is there something like too many cats? I already feel 24hours is not enough time to spend with the cats.

The cats don’t get along with each other. We have two ginger cats – Caramel and Toffee – they are sisters. Then there is a tabby named Peppy (she’s a ‘grown up’ kitten) and a black and white cat named Peter. They have their ‘portion of the house.’ Caramel and Toffee are always on the first floor while Peter and Peppy have come to an understanding about sharing the ground floor. We have a small house built for Peter in our garden while Peppy sleeps inside.

The weirdest part about these cats is their arrival. These are grown up cats and I have heard people say grown cats don’t make human friends quickly. Caramel came home 6 months after Miss Puddykins passed away – she came over in May. Toffee took her time to follow her kitty-sis, arriving somewhere in October. Both the kitty-siblings are our neighbour’s cats. They have now made our home their new home – the cats I mean, not neighbours.

Peppy came home in December with a white kitten. We thought they were a mumma-baby pair. But we were wrong; they just tagged along; no relation whatsoever. We had to give away the white kitten (I named it Casper) as it started going out of the gate. We have a lot of stray dogs around (we feed some) so it wasn’t safe for Casper to stay.

In January this year, another cat came over. Looking at its size, we thought it was a tom cat. Badly injured, with one ear torn and a deep gash on its tummy (looked like the tummy was ripped open), we didn’t have the heart to shoo it away. My mum named the cat Peter. Turns out, Peter is a Petrina. We still call her Peter though…

So, that’s the story behind our four cats. Peppy was a housecat before she came to our place. And so was Peter. Do cats really leave their owner’s house and find another home? I always thought cats are loyal to the house they live in. Nobody has come looking for Peppy or Peter. Caramel and Toffee’s previous owners know their cats prefer our house to theirs and they are okay with it.

According to experts, it is not recommended to have more than 5 cats at home. Well, only one cat stays in while the others spend most of their time outside… So, this means there is room for 4 more cats in the house, right? 😉

Okay, I have no intentions to end up being the crazy cat lady. Crazy, yes. Crazy cat lady? Nah! Pass!

Don’t get me started on all the fuss that happens everyday. Each of the cats have their moods and food preferences. There is also a bit of overfeeding going on- the 4 of them were thin when they first came home; now, they look like piglets. (I don’t overfeed the kitties, my parents do.) Our living room is stacked with dog and cat food. Too many flavors and varieties (wet, dry, treats, younameit!) of cat food and the 4 cats are spoilt for choice!

But of late (I blame Omicron related brain fog for this) I have this weird feeling that I am turning into a cat. No, don’t worry, I haven’t started climbing trees or scratching anything I find interesting. Or even catch squirrels and rats for that matter…

Jokes apart, Cats their own personality. Stubborn, bossy, high maintenance but full of unconditional love. I really cannot imagine my life without a cat around. If they want something, they want it yesterday. You cannot say NO to a cat, Nope. Try saying NO to a cat and you will face the consequences.

I was not a cat lover until eight years ago; i.e; before my paralysis. Although, when I was in college, there was this cat which left a dead rat on the doorstep every year on my birthday. Looks like the cat-higher-power was preparing me to be a cat butler… (Cat owners don’t call themselves ‘owners’; we know we are more of a butler to the felines.)

Now, I cannot get enough of cats. All the four kitties do not eat in the morning until I pet them. Yes, the first thing people do when they wake up is check their phone. The first thing I do as soon as I wake up is pet the cats and make sure they eat. Their day ends with a goodnight kiss from me… Maybe I am turning into a crazy cat lady!

So, I finally come to the very question that made me write this post. How many cats are too many? Or, is there a thing such as too many cats? Of course, experts (whom we have never seen) suggest having more than 5 cats might cause health issues to the owners. Maybe… But, the 4 cats that I have at home are not really at home, are they? So, this doesn’t apply to me, does it?

Are you a cat lover? What are your opinions about having more than one cat at home?

The post is incomplete without photos of my masters.

Top: peppy
Bottom: (left to right) peter, caramel and toffee

13 thoughts on “How many cats are too many?

  1. No such thing as too many I guess. Twice in the past I have had 13 at a time. Hard to handle, yes, since they didn’t all get along but not impossible. My aunt’s friend had lots more, may be 14 or 15 and they seemed fine together

    1. 13, 14, 15😱😱😱😱 my goodness. I am happy with four cats and two dogs😂 I think I will go crazy if there are 13 cats at home.

  2. Lovely post! My BFF (Best Furry Friend), Agatha, thought it a very good post and thinks that blogs should be more cat focused. Can’t imagine why…
    Regarding multiple cat households it is recommended in the UK at least that each cat has a separate feeding area and that there is one water bowl for each cat and that these resources are spread throughout their dwelling so there is no resource hogging or guarding. The same goes for cat litter trays and they suggest even having one extra one, so in your case 5. Some cats enjoy the company of other cats more than others but as long as each cat has space and can avoid others then things tend to be okay. The fact your cats spend a lot of time outside probably helps. Fighting can be more of a problem if the cats are all indoor ones without outside access.

  3. Each cat has their own feeding and water bowl. Litter trays, well… peppy, caramel and toffee do it somewhere outside the compound. Peter – our grandmummy cat – does it in the garden.😶

      1. Yeah, less cleaning for us humans. 😉 But Peter does it in the garden and it stinks a lot. Quite a welcoming ‘fragrance’ for those who come home. 😂😂

  4. Oh no, my finger send a comment too early. Who knows how many cats is enough. It depends, if there is room, time, money and love to take care of them, you can have as many you want. We have nowadays two, a neighbor’s cat moved in last summer. It is enough for us.

    1. Hi Kristiina, so nice to hear from you after a long time.😊 How is our darling boy Kosmo doing? Wow, he has a new brofur/sisfur now 😁
      There is always enough love for all the cats at home. 💜

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