Death at the Grand by Robin Roughley

Title: Death at the Grand (Robert Engelbart Mystery #2)

Author: Robin Roughley

Published on: 10 January 2022

Genre: Cozy Mystery (set in the 1960s)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author Robert Engelbart is slowing finding his feet at Dapple Dyke. After a long period of writer’s block, Robert has finally published a novel – based on the murder case he solved months ago at Dapple Dyke. A famous critic known for writing negative reviews interviews Robert on national television – the interview did not go as expected and Robert was thoroughly roasted throughout the show.

Robert’s literary agent insists him to attend the Tapmore Literary festival. Robert asks Fay Fuckleberry, his lady love, to accompany him to the literary festival and she readily agrees. As the duo check in to their hotel rooms, they know for sure this is a much needed break from the gossipy villages of Dapple. But, when one of the literary agents is found murdered in her room, it is up to Robert and Inspector Dredge to solve the case…

Death at the Grand is the second book in Robin Roughley’s Robert Engelbart Mystery series.

Robert Engelbart is back! I admit the romance is a tad too cheesy for my taste – Robert cannot help fantasizing about Fay. Then comes the innuendos – which make the story quirky with a dash of naughty. In spite of the naughtiness and the cheesy romance, Robert Engelbart mysteries is turning out to be a new favorite. Time to add this series to my list of favorites!


Robert Engelbart has finally managed to write a novel – after a gap of three years. His latest novel is based on the murder case that recently occurred in Dapple Dyke. Not everyone is happy with Robert’s new found love for the mystery genre. There’s one critic in particular who wastes no time in belittling Robert. Mind, this critic had nothing good to say about Engelbart’s previous books either.

When Robert’s literary agent insists to attend the Tapmore Literary festival, Robert asks his lady love Fay Fuckleberry to accompany him. Fay is worried about her baps and cream so Robert convinces her saying he and the other residents of Dapple Dyke would miss her cream too. (Um, the innuendo…) Halfway through the story, there comes a scene when Fay and Robert buy fancies from a local Tapmore bakery – Robert needs to have a taste of somebody else’s cream too, you see… *wink wink*

The Grand at Tapmore is run by a manager named Hatler. He looks very similar to Hitler and speaks in a German accent too. Fister Robert Fengelbart and Fiss Fay Fuckleferry are welcomed at The Grand by the manager. Fhe fother fuests at the fotel finclude… sorry, got a bit carried over.

The other guests at the hotel include authors and literary agents. A famous actor-turned-author named Masterful is also attending the literary festival. On the first day, Robert is approached by a woman named Coco Farrow. She tries to ‘entice’ Robert to work with her publishing house and he refuses. The next day, Coco is found dead in her room. Inspector Dredge arrives at the scene and the local ME – Nimrod Peabody – declares Coco was strangled to death.


Robert Engelbart is curious to know who killed the literary agent and why. Things are not looking good for him though. The notorious critic has scheduled an interview with Robert. Masterful is not happy with Robert snooping around. And neither is a PC named Mumble – UNLIKE HIS NAME, HE PREFERS TO SHOUT RATHER THAN SPEAK SOFTLY.

As the story proceeds, Robert uncovers clues that might lead to the killer. But he might be too late – another guest is found dead. Inspector Dredge’s boss takes over the case and arrests someone… someone who is innocent. It is up to Robert to bring the real killer to justice. But this might come at a cost of getting arrested for interfering in police matters.

The mystery behind the murder(s) kept me guessing till the end. A dash of naughty humor certainly made my read enjoyable. The identity of the murderer was unexpected and shocking. And… the story ends on a smashing note. Fay and Robert are kissing and all of a sudden, Fay pushes him away. Why?

“Is everything all right?” I ask nervously, feeling that I could have over-stepped the mark.

“You were squashing my baps,” she smiles as she opens the bag. “And I have a couple of Fancies in here as well and I don’t want all my cream squirting out.”

I look down and thankfully her baps remain golden and round, her Fancies are undamaged.

I absolutely enjoyed reading Death at the Grand by Robin Roughley. Excellent character portrayal, suspense that keeps one guessing till the end and a dash of naughty.*wink wink*

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