Reprint of the Year: Nomination #2

We are in the second (and last week) of nominations for this year’s Reprint Awards. It goes without saying you all are invited for the award ceremony. I am bringing cake… for myself. If you want cake, then bring your own. Sharing is not always Caring, especially when it comes to cake and chocolates!

The second nomination for this year’s reprint is another favorite series of mine. The characters remind you a tad of Tommy and Tuppence – albeit one difference. The sleuthing duos in this series are siblings! Well, only the first novel in this series features the siblings. The sister gets married and retires from sleuthing. Honestly, if I was Vivienne Perrins, I would have chosen my brother’s Private Investigation business over Austin Wynter! Anyways, my name is not Vivienne Perrins nor do I have a brother so… *shrugs*

Here’s what The Figure of Eight by Cecil Waye is all about:

A woman is found sleeping on a London bus. The bus has reached its final spot so the conductor tries to wake the woman up; but she hardly moves. She’s breathing though. An ambulance is called and the woman is taken to the hospital. Two days later, the bus conductor who tried to wake her up learns she will never wake up…

Señor Vincente de Lanate, a Montedorian diplomat arrives at Perrins’ office and talks to him about the woman found in the bus. The woman was called Lola Martinaes and like de Lanate, she too was a Montedorian (and de Lanate’s mistress.) He tells Perrins that Lola was murdered by Montedorian’s rival – San Benitos – and asks Perrins to investigate.

This is soon followed by three murders and disappearance of two men, suggesting an international conspiracy. Christopher Perrins finds himself in the middle of this mess – not in a good way!

An international conspiracy in the making and a murder mystery – what’s not to like about this Golden Age Mystery!

If you have read this book and agree that it should win this year’s reprint award, do vote! You never know, you might get a piece of the cake I am baking this Christmas – only if you vote for this book, mind. Kate, this is not considered as bribing, innit? 😉

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3 thoughts on “Reprint of the Year: Nomination #2

  1. haha well we’ve not had cake bribery before, but if you make it gluten free I’ll vote for your book lol
    Interesting to see another example of a bus murder. You don’t get many of those in fiction.

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