A Mumbai Murder Mystery by Meeti Shroff-Shah

Title: A Mumbai Murder Mystery (A Temple Hill Mystery #1)

Author: Meeti Shroff-Shah

Published on: 9 December 2021

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Award-winning novelist Radhika ‘Radhi’ Zaveri moves from New York to Temple Hill, Mumbai after a heart-break. She’s currently under a writer’s block and wonders if moving back home might help her write another novel.

When she visits her best friend Sanjana – who did not make it to Radhi’s welcome party – she learns Sanjana’s dad had killed himself. But his family did not think he was depressed. So why did he decide to end his life? Radhi suspects foul play. Sanjana is five-months pregnant and when Radhi tells her about her suspicions, she readily agrees to ‘help in the investigation’ that Radhi is about to take on. Wait, what now? Radhi, a mystery-novel author will try her hand at amateur sleuthing!

Radhi is determined to uncover the truth. As she digs deeper into the satsangs and pure-veg brunches, she stumbles upon a closet full of skeletons. (metaphorical, of course)

What a fantastic, fabulous and completely engrossing cozy mystery written by an author from our amchi Mumbai! I absolutely LOVED every bit of this story and I cannot wait to read more of Radhi’s amateur sleuthing adventures.


I loved the characters. Don’t get me started on all the yummy dishes that are mentioned in the story – I am definitely craving some dhoklas and misal pavs!

The story starts with Radhi’s arrival and welcome party. Her best friend Sanjana did not make it to the party so the next day, Radhi decides to visit her. She then learns of Sanjana’s dad’s suicide. He was not the kind who would give up easily. So Radhi finds it difficult to digest the fact that he decided to end his life.

As Radhi starts to dig deeper, she learns of the family secrets. The happy-family turns out to be not-so-happy. As we say, “the usual kitpit in every family.” 😉 Halfway through, there’s a twist – Radhi was kinda sure she had the right suspect… Hmm…

We also have a Poirot-style ending; gather all the suspects and slowly reveal the identity of the perp. Woah! I definitely could not identify the culprit. Nope, did not see it coming!

Let me quote the first sentence of the blurb from Goodreads, “The Dazzling Debut from your New Favorite Crime Writer.” Dazzling? Yup! New Favorite Crime Writer? Yup Yup!

If you are looking for a unique and engrossing cozy mystery set in Mumbai, you have to give Meeti Shroff-Shah’s A Mumbai Murder Mystery a read! Highly Recommended!

Many thanks to the lovely Hanna from Joffe Books for an ARC.

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