The Missing Children Case Files by M.A. Hunter

The Missing Children Case Files by M.A. Hunter is one of the best series I have ever read. Emma Hunter, an investigative journalist is on a quest to find her missing sister Anna. The story begins when Emma’s first book uncovers the abuse at a young boys home. The series sends a strong message on child abductions and trafficking – how young lives are ruined by evil and monstrous people who hardly have an ounce of empathy or care in their heart.

The recurring characters in the series, apart from Emma Hunter, include Emma’s best friend Rachel and a police officer/Emma’s love interest Jack. This is one of the highly rated series on my blog and I highly recommend this series to all mystery lovers. M.A. Hunter is the pseudonym of Stephen Edger, a versatile author and master storyteller.

I also had a chance to ask Stephen a few questions about the series. You can read the interview here.

#1: Ransomed

Investigative journalist Emma Hunter never thought she’d be a bestselling author. Especially not for a blistering exposé of the brutal horrors committed at an orphanage.

All she wants is to return home to the anchoring salt air and solitude of Weymouth where questions still fester unanswered and a twenty-year-old secret binds her to the beach.

But then she finds herself sucked into the chaos of another cold case and soon realizes the search for the missing girl will not only unearth the rot ravaging the safety of children across the south of England, but could even solve the mystery that has tortured her since she was seven years old…

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#2: Isolated

Investigate journalist Emma Hunter is in the thick of another cold case featuring a game of truth or dare in a dark forest by a Dorset army base 15 years ago that went horribly wrong. Four girls went in, only three came out.

Wreathed in mist and memory, the barracks offered no remains of any kind, just a hole in the perimeter fence and years of unanswered questions.

But when Emma teams up with fellow firebrand reporter Rachel and whip-smart cold case expert Jack, she soon discovers it wasn’t a game at all as a grand and sinister pattern begins to unfurl around them.

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#3: Trafficked

A French woman stumbles out of a forest in Dorset more than a decade after vanishing from the English beach where she had been innocently building sandcastles under the not-so-watchful gaze of her holidaymaking parents.

As investigative journalist Emma Hunter sifts through the secrets of a seemingly unrelated disappearance with police archivist Jack, it soon becomes clear the two cases are linked.

Emma enlists her best friend and broadsheet reporter Rachel to trace the French woman’s steps through the forest to a nightmarish underground cell littered with human bones. That’s when Emma realizes this woman could be the answer, the answer to everything.

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#4: Discarded

When a girl goes missing from the shores of Dorset in a crime eerily similar to one two decades earlier, her parents enlist investigative journalist and bestselling author Emma Hunter to find her.

But then police archivist Jack calls her saying they’ve found a suitcase of bones beneath the ash of the trafficking den burned down in Berkshire eight months ago.

As Emma contends with the question of whether her worst fear has finally been realized, her agent summons her to London. She’s been sent a message from the killers. A warning.

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#5: Repressed

Twenty years ago a girl was snatched from the Isle of Portland and the world kept on turning. Her name was Anna Hunter. And her sister’s world ground to a halt.

Emma Hunter is now a bestselling investigative journalist renowned internationally for her vigilante crusade to solve the string of missing children cases ravaging the south of England.

But it’s always been about Anna. Every word of every page of every book. And so when a new case crashes like the waves of that fateful beach onto her desk, she doesn’t hesitate. Because this one’s different. The girl was found, she survived, and now she’s begun to remember.

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#6: Exposed

Every day bestselling investigative journalist Emma Hunter fails to solve the string of abductions corroding the south coast of England could end with another child’s grave.

After a brutal shooting in Leicestershire pulls the rug from beneath her meticulously crafted research, the local police in the small Midlands town tell her the suspect wants to speak to her.

But when Emma arrives on the scene there’s no sign of the suspect. Instead the police start questioning her. Because the woman they’re holding in their cells is not who she seems. She’s not remotely who she seems.

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(Blurbs as seen on Goodreads/publisher website.)

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