The House of Killers series by Samantha Lee Howe

Killing Eve meets Jason Bourne in this smashing, gripping and completely engrossing spy thriller trilogy by Samantha Lee Howe.

The House of Killers, the first book in this trilogy was released at the beginning of this year. Within a span of four months, the next two books were published and the trilogy is now complete. I have read all the three books and I highly recommend it to those who say ‘I love me a good spy thriller.’

The series revolves around two characters Michael Kensington, a MI5 agent, and Neva, a notorious assassin. Michael’s uncle Andrew Beech is not who he claims to be. Michael learns this secret the hard way. In the first book, we see Michael coming to terms with him being a sleeper agent for the notorious gang called The Network. The Network forced rich families to give away their kids for training. The children were subjected to torturous and strenuous activities and finally trained as deadly assassins or sleeper agents.

Michael and Neva meet in the first book – Neva is obsessed with the MI5 man assigned to capture her alive or dead. But things take a turn for good, or should I say worse?, when Neva and Michael find themselves attracted to each other. This fatal attraction is short-lived as Michael is betrayed by Neva. But Neva has an ulterior motive…

#1: The House of Killers

Serial killer Neva has been conditioned not to ask questions of the mysterious Network, to remain perfectly incurious and perennially cold-blooded. She must simply execute the targets they text her and live to bury the tale.

But then she’s tasked with terminating a fellow assassin and glimpses her own future in her colleague’s fate. When she leaves flowers on the gravesite, someone notices.

Agent Michael Kensington knows he’ll have his work cut out for him when he’s recruited by MI5 onto operation Archive to piece together patterns in cold cases.

Nothing could ever have prepared him for Neva…

An assassin obsessed with hell, a fugitive tortured by the secrets of her past, a woman destined to unthread him.

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#2: Kill or Die

Michael Kensington is living a life of disgrace after learning he was the mole in MI5. He was a sleeper agent at The Network, a notorious group of spies led by Andrew Beech, Michael’s biological father. Neva, another agent at The Network, helped Michael learn his true identity. Michael is back at MI5 but is given a desk job with minimal access to files.

A passenger aircraft goes missing but the media is unaware of it. MI5 investigates the missing plane. Meanwhile, a decomposed body of a young woman is found in a residential area – she was an air hostess at the airlines whose plane has gone missing. Neva is interested in the missing aircraft. She contacts Michael but he refuses to help her. But when Michael learns there is more at stake than just a possibly hijacked aircraft, he and Neva must work together and expose The Network.

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#3: Kill a Spy

The House of Killers always had one objective: to train a class of warriors that would elevate the Network from the national to the international – the amateur to the elite. They never expected one of their best to change. Michael Kensington was supposed to take over The Network after Mr. Beech. He was pushed in MI5 as a sleeper agent. But when Michael realized his true form, he decided to remain loyal to MI5. He was betrayed by a fellow Network agent. Neva, a notorious serial killer and seductress. Neva and Michael fell in love… or at least, that is what Michael thought until she betrayed him…

A serial killer is on prowl. They are killing women – young and old – but there seems to be a pattern. Michael has no clue what to do when he sees similarities amongst the victims. Everything is at stake… and it is Neva’s job to make Michael realize it is time to act… before it is too late.

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