Kill a Spy by Samantha Lee Howe

Title: Kill a Spy (The House of Killers #3)

Author: Samantha Lee Howe

Published on: 23 July 2021

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers (Spy Thriller)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kill a Spy is the third and final book in Samantha Lee Howe‘s The House of Killers Trilogy.

The House of Killers always had one objective: to train a class of warriors that would elevate the Network from the national to the international – the amateur to the elite. They never expected one of their best to change. Michael Kensington was supposed to take over The Network after Mr. Beech. He was pushed in MI5 as a sleeper agent. But when Michael realized his true form, he decided to remain loyal to MI5. He was betrayed by a fellow Network agent. Neva, a notorious serial killer and seductress. Neva and Michael fell in love… or at least, that is what Michael thought until she betrayed him…

A serial killer is on prowl. They are killing women – young and old – but there seems to be a pattern. Michael has no clue what to do when he sees similarities amongst the victims. Everything is at stake… and it is Neva’s job to make Michael realize it is time to act… before it is too late.


Gosh! What a mind-blowing, gripping and completely engrossing thriller. I have been following this series from the start. I am a little sad that this is the final book in the series. Having said that, I hope Samantha has planned to write a spin-off of this series. Jason Bourne meets Killing Eve, I can see The House of Killers trilogy being made into a film or TV series in the near future. Fingers crossed.

I don’t think we readers could have hoped for a better ending to the series. There’s closure in every sense – be it Michael and Mia’s conditioning and how it will affect their future life, Neva’s history (childhood) and how it begins to affect her now and of course, a mole in the MI5 – all things must come to an end.

Samantha Lee Howe is a marvelous writer. I am in awe of her storytelling. As I was reading through, I could see the scenes playing out in my mind’s eye; Felt like a movie playing in my head.

Michael is a MI5 security agent. He’s also a sleeper agent for The Network. He was conditioned from childhood and on speaking the right words, he can be activated. In the first book, Michael learns of his childhood, Uncle Andrew (who later turns out to be Michael’s biological father) and times spent at the House. Though a sleeper agent (not by choice), his loyalties still lie with MI5. He wants to bring The Network down. In this chase for the members of The Network, he meets Neva.

Neva and Michael had a similar upbringing. While Michael is a sleeper agent, Neva is a full-trained-and-functional trained assassin. In the previous book – Kill or Die – Neva learns a bit more about her childhood (her mother). The story ends with Michael feeling betrayed by Neva.


In Kill a Spy, the MI5 agents are shocked by a string of brutal murders. The victims have one thing in common. Michael has no idea who the killer might be or why they are killing innocent victims. The story alternates between various recurring characters. We have Janine and her side story – from the time she was recruited by Neva to present. Elliot, a MI5 agent who was kidnapped in Kill or Die and was rescued – she and her lover have a major role in this story. Then comes the new MI5 recruit, Elsa; Elliot and Michael doubt her true intentions. Annalise, a member of The Network who played a major role in the previous story is back and this time, she will stop at nothing…

The mystery is well-maintained and the suspense is at an all-time high throughout. I was hooked on to the story and could not put it down until the end. The second half of the story is nothing short of a nail-biting adventure so strap yourselves in coz you are in for one heck of a roller-coaster ride.

Kill is Spy by Samantha Lee Howe is fantabulous, mind-blowing, gripping and unputdownable spy thriller. I highly recommend this series to lovers of spy thriller.

Many thanks to the lovely Sara from One More Chapter for sending me an ARC of this book.

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