Heart Seizure by Bill Fitzhugh

Title: Heart Seizure (The Transplant Tetralogy #1)

Author: Bill Fitzhugh

First published in 2003; republished by Duckworth Books on 20 May 2021

Genre: Humor | Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Heart Seizure is the first book in Bill Fitzhugh‘s The Transplant Tetralogy series.

Spencer Tailor is not your usual ambulance chaser lawyer. He works for the betterment of… um, well, of something if not nothing! His eighty-something mum Rose has a heart condition (the heart muscles are swollen twice their size) and she needs a heart transplant. Her rare AB- (negative) blood group makes her a universal recipient (of hearts too, not just blood). She’s second on the list of patients who need a new heart. The Tailor family learns a heart is now available and Rose must get ready for the operation. (Operation lub-dub)

Debbie is a third-year surgical resident at the hospital. She’s to assist the doctors in transplants. When Mardell Coleman (whose heart is to be transplanted to Rose) dies *not-unexpectedly*, Rose is prepped for surgery. Debbie is ready with the heart when a guy in suit claiming to be the FBI asks her to hand over the heart. Spencer learns his mother’s surgery will not go as planned as the heart is being given to someone else. (Quit playing games with my heart!)

What happens next is a mix of Fast and Furious (Spencer and his brother’s plan to ‘kidnap’ the heart), Rush Hour (some comedy + action) and License to Kill (The FBI guys).


What a witty and entertaining story! There are some ouch moments but the events leading up to these ouchies are hil-a-rious! Like say, you are laughing and somebody slaps you. You laugh some more and slap them back. Happens often, no? Hmm!

Here I was, thinking heart transplants happen only in stories (like this one). But it looks like, heart transplant happens in reality too. Medical science has advanced a lot! Let’s move on with the review now. We can discuss (or not) transplants later.

So, the President of USA has had a heart surgery recently; Mr. President is prepping for the upcoming elections and is on a jog when he collapses clutching his heart. One of the secret service agents sees it a second too late and steps on the President’s head. *Oops, he did it again!* So, the bottom line is, the President has had a heart attack and needs a transplant. (Transplants are used as a last resort to save the patient.) Meanwhile, Spencer’s mum is second in line to receive a heart. The family is happy when they receive a call from the hospital saying the heart is almost ready (and will not be served on a silver platter) and Rose is to be admitted for pre-op prep.


The surgery should begin in a few minutes but Spencer learns the heart in question is now somebody else’s. Spencer and his brother Boyd (Boyd’s the good guy while Spencer…um) hatch a plan to steal the heart. *eyebrow dance* Debbie, the resident surgeon somehow gets involved in the heart-kidnap drama. Spencer and Boyd end with up taking hostages – first Debbie, next comes a cop, and then some more…

The FBI are on the chase too. The politicians at Washington DC want the heart – by hook or crook. Heart Seizure might not be your usual heart-stopping mystery *wink wink* but… readers must be prepared to take a ride on the laughter riot roller coaster. 😀 The chase involving the heart-kidnappers, FBI and the politicians is a complete hoot. We also have : ED *ahem* meds (which claims to improve the overall well-being of… um, society), fights for the whatever rights or wrongs or the likes, crazy news anchors and tats to the mix, yo!

The characters are completely wacky. Excellent storytelling. Witty, engaging and… oh yeah, some interesting facts on a few important US government projects – a mention of Area 51 too. *wink wink*

Heart Seizure by Bill Fitzhugh is a wacky, witty and completely entertaining story. If you like to read political satires + witty, wacky mysteries, you might want to give this book a try.

Many thanks to Farrago/ Duckworth Books and NetGalley for the ARC.

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