Repressed by M.A. Hunter

Title: Repressed (The Missing Children Case Files #5)

Author: M.A. Hunter

Published on: 6 May 2021

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Repressed is the fifth book in M.A. Hunter‘s The Missing Children Case Files series. This book is part of a series and cannot be read as a standalone. The Missing Children Case Files is one of the best mystery series ever written. I have been following the series from the start and I feel a little sad that things are finally going to end in the next book.

But this is no doubt one of the best series I have ever read. M.A. Hunter aka Stephen Edger is a master storyteller. Each book in this series takes the reader and Emma (the protagonist) one step closer to finding Anna, Emma’s missing sister. The series is based on child trafficking and child pornography. No explicit details mentioned but the readers must be made aware of what to expect in the story (trigger warnings).

The story so far: In the previous book – Discarded – we saw Kylie help Emma with clues; clues that lead her a step closer to find her missing sister and bring justice to the perverts who abused children. Kylie and Emma haven’t met – Kylie choses to remain anonymous.


In this book, we are introduced to a new character Zara Edwards. More than three decades ago, nine-year-old Zara was abducted from a local tourist attraction. Eighteen months later, she was rescued from a burning house and her abductor was imprisoned for life. Zara still suffers from the traumatic experience. Her boyfriend Tom wants her to meet Emma and find closure but Zara is not sure if she could trust Emma.

We have a lot of developments in this installment of the series. Jack, Emma’s love interest meets with an accident while on his way to find a potential clue that helps in solving the case (missing children and abusers). In the previous book, we saw Emma meet another potential love interest, Rick. Emma and Rick are on a date when she receives a phone call from Jack. He tells her about the latest developments and the date is cancelled. The next day, DCS Rawani calls Emma to say Jack’s met with an accident and is in a coma.

Emma’s best-friend Rachel tells her about the Anna Hunter Foundation surprise audit. Emma and Rachel go to meet Zara and Tom at Emma’s literary agent’s place. When they return, they find police at Rachel’s front door – her apartment’s been broken in. First Jack’s accident and now burglary, Emma wonders if someone is deliberately trying to stop her. This also means Emma is one step closer to finding the truth about her missing sister, Anna.


M.A. Hunter is a fantastic writer. Be it the plot or character development or suspense, M.A. Hunter is the best! I was hooked on to the story and the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. As this is the 5th book, I was expecting to see some closures. Instead, a lot of threads are left dangling, especially when it comes to Kylie (who does not appear until the very end) and I am eager to see how things are finally going to end.

The only niggle I had with this story is Zara’s side story. I felt the closure she gets at the end did not do justice to whatever suspense was built throughout.

The sixth and final book in this series – Exposed – will be released on 1st of July, 2021. I consider myself lucky to have received the ARC – a chance to read it before the publication day *eyebrow dance*. If you are looking for a gripping, intense and mind-blowing mystery, you have to give this series a read. Like I said before, this is surely one of the best series ever written!

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