Tracer by Jason Dean

Title: Tracer (A Korso Thriller #1)

Author: Jason Dean

Published on: 26 June 2021

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Tracer is the first book in Jason Dean’s Korso Thriller series.

The hunter is hunted… Korso (not his real name) is enjoying his time in the Bermuda Island. He never stays in one country for long. He goes by many names and has a complete set of documents for each of his identities. He receives a parcel via FedEx. The parcel contains a set of photos; photos of Korso. Now Korso is supposed to be dead; if someone tracked his whereabouts, it certainly means someone from his past is looking forward to ruin his life. The owner of the photographs has a quest for Korso. Retrieve the stolen shipments of Korso’s ex-boss soon or get killed.


I was under the impression the story would be similar to Killing Eve or Jason Bourne – the hunter is hunted, right? Or, not! Once Korso is on the mission, the plot changes. It is no longer Korso trying to save his life from his deadly ex-boss but finding the stolen shipment – at any cost. Korso and Natasha (her mission is to kill Korso once he finds the shipment) work on an assumption. Korso believes the stolen shipment might have something to do with a repeat offender. The duo track the offender but they are too late – he’s dead. Again, based on an assumption/hunch, they move to US and track an accomplice of the dead man. And then some more…

At times I wondered what if Korso’s ‘hunch’ was wrong? He ‘finds’ the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ out of nowhere and he’s on the right track? A little far-fetched, in my opinion.

Halfway through the story, we have a twist – someone’s watching Korso and Natasha – cops are called in when they break into a suspects house; burly men attack them at the storage place. The duo learn he’s the one who stole the ‘priceless caviar’ (which is, the shipment in question). So, Korso diverts the search based on yet another hunch. *rolls eyes*

I really enjoyed reading the ‘chase’ part of the story. The hunch, not so much. The ending was unexpected and not up to my liking. Overdone, in my opinion.

Overall, Tracer was an okay read. Unbelievable twists and working on assumptions spoiled the read for me.

I received an ARC from Canelo and NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Tracer by Jason Dean

  1. I chuckled my way through this review.. but I don’t think this book is for me.
    Great post, thank you for sharing!

    1. It is annoying when the main character works through the case based on assumptions.😑 If he was wrong from the beginning, it would been a comedy show.😉

      1. I guess it would depend on whether the author swoops in and adds a twist that makes sense of it or something.

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