Meet Me at the Lighthouse by Mary Jayne Baker

Title: Meet Me at the Lighthouse

Author: Mary Jayne Baker

First published in 2017; republished on 7 January 2021

Genre: Romance | Women’s Fiction

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bobbie Hannigan’s walking her dog Monty when she comes across a man pinning a sign at the lighthouse. The dilapidated lighthouse has now become an eyesore and the local council wants the owner to do something before it is too late. The owner decides to sell the lighthouse for 1£. The man pinning the ‘for sale” sign is Bobbie’s classmate Ross Mason.

Bobbie purchases the lighthouse – after all, it costs just 1 quid, right? Ross tells her about his dream to help budding musicians and Bobbie decides to turn it into a music venue – with the help of Ross, of course. Ross and Bobbie had a history, first kiss and all that… Determined to keep things strictly professional, ahem, Ross and Bobbie start working on the renovations.


Meet Me at the Lighthouse is a saucy, naughty and hilarious uplit! I don’t think I have ever read a book in the chick-lit genre which is as quirky as this one. Bobbie, oh Bobbie, what a quirky and happy-go-lucky gal! Bobbie and her twin Jess live together.

Their mum is actively involved in the youth club; born to an unwed mother, the twins are wary of the ‘pervs and good-for-nothings’. When Ross returns home after a failed relationship, Bobbie cannot believe her eyes – sparks fly on their first meeting and it is pretty evident the two will make memories together.

No love story is complete without the annoying ex, right? We gotta love em, eh? Annoying buggers! Bobbie learns Ross is separated from his wife – she wasn’t aware he was married. Meanwhile, Bobbie’s ex also plays his role in helping Ross and Bobbie get necessary funding from the council. But his intentions for helping Bobbie becomes clearer as the story proceeds.

Meet Me at the Lighthouse is an entertaining and enjoyable read. I absolutely loved the story and the characters. Excellent storytelling too. There are a couple of twists thrown in and these made the story interesting. There’s no doubt we have a happy ending. If you are looking for a light and fun read, do give this book a try.

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