The Other Woman by Jane Adams

Title: The Other Woman

Author: Jane Adams

Published on: 4 May 2021

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Marcie’s grandfather Jack is dying. She’s had a tough childhood and Jack was the only one who loved her. After the death of her mother, Alec, Marcie’s father, moved to his parents’ house with little Marcie. Grandma Mary and Aunt Alice never liked Marcie. Growing up in a controlled and toxic environment had taken a toll on Marcie’s emotional needs. She moved out of the house at sixteen and years later, she’s back – only because Jack is on his death bed. Mary and Alice do not want her in the house again.

Jack speaks of Rebekkah. She’s not his wife. Nor is she his sister. What secrets are Marcie’s family hiding from her? Marcie vows to help Jack and find the truth behind the mystery woman, Rebekkah.

What a mind-numbing, bone-chilling story! Gosh! I was hooked on to the story and could not put it down until the end! The Other Woman has a little of paranormal side to it. When Marcie enters Jack’s room (at his house), she sees someone watching her – but there’s no one except Marcie in the room.


As the mystery behind Rebekkah begins to unravel, Marcie’s opinion on her estranged family changes. Nobody is who she thought they were – not even Jack, her favorite person since childhood.

Marcie is happily married and lives with her husband Michael and twins Liam and Hannah. Michael is supportive of his wife wanting to unravel the mystery Jack’s kept to himself until now. We also have a twist in the story half-way through – something to do with one of the family members.

Jane Adams is a master storyteller. The story alternates between bouts of grim, heart-warming moments and supernatural element. Character portrayal is excellent. From Marcie to Jack to Rebekkah, every character play a significant role in the story.

The ending is mind-blowing. I was like, “wow! I did not see that coming!” What a fantastic twist at the end! Totally unexpected.

I highly recommend you to read The Other Woman. If you are looking for a mind-boggling, spine-chilling mystery, you wouldn’t want to miss reading The Other Woman by Jane Adams.

Many thanks to the lovely Nina from Joffe Books for the ARC.

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