Book Recommendations of the Month: May, 2021

As lockdown-like restrictions are back in my city, books and paintings are the only thing keeping me occupied.

For this month’s recommendation, I have a set of four nail-biting thrillers for you.

The Good Neighbour by R.J. Parker

Imagine your car breaks down after hitting a deer. You see a light in the house nearby and approach it, asking the owner to help you call the tow truck. The next day, you decide to take a nice bottle of wine as a thank you gesture. But as you reach the house, you see a couple of police cars. The owner of the house is murdered. The one you met last night… was the killer! Sounds creepy? This is the story of Leah Talbot. Poor thing crashed her car and the next day, her whole life came crashing down. Leah ends up being the killer’s latest muse…

Stolen Daughters by Carolyn Arnold

Firefighters discover a burned body of a teenager in an abandoned house. A witness called in 911 and stopped the house from burning down to ashes. The killer is angry. There weren’t supposed to be any witnesses; the body was not to be discovered. So, he decides to destroy the witness who reported the fire. Detective Amanda Steele receives a note from the killer, telling her he’s done the right thing by killing ‘bad people’.

The Dinner Guest by B.P Walter

Four people walked into the dining room that night. One would never leave. Meet Charlie, the man who has the perfect husband (Mathew) and son (Titus). Enter Rachel. She befriends Mathew on false pretenses and gradually enters Charlie and Mathew’s happily married life. Titus starts to act weird. So does Mathew. Rachel is invited for dinner and next thing Charlie knows, he’s slumped next to Mathew’s dead body.

Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle

Blinded by a gunshot wound to the face while working a case as a private investigator months ago, Rick Cahill has to start his life afresh. Adjusting to the disability is not easy. His one-time partner Moira MacFarlane, a fellow P.I. asks Rick to help her out. Her latest client is Rick’s best friend’s fiancé. Soon, the fiancé is found dead and Rick’s friend is arrested for her murder. It is up to Rick to find out the truth.

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