The Museum Murder by Katie Gayle

Title: The Museum Murder (Epiphany Bloom #2)

Author: Katie Gayle

Published on: 31 March 2021

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Museum Murder is the second book in Epiphany Bloom Mystery series by Katie Gayle.

Epiphany is ‘known’ for her string of ‘mishaps’. She’s worked as a farm hand, assistant to a vet, forensic expert and many more… unsuccessfully! Her latest job was a P.I. at a renowned Private Investigation service – well, you cannot blame Pip for the mix-up!

In The Museum Murder, we see Pip and her sister Flis visit The Museum of Movie Memorabilia and Vintage Costumes. They come across a red dress that Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. Pip is looking for a job and Flis happens to be in the same friends circle as the museum manager. Pip gets called for an interview the next week.

But, when Pip arrives at the museum for the interview, she identifies the Julia Roberts dress as a fake. The manager confesses the dress is stolen and has to be found before the museum owner comes to town. Pip is ‘hired’ to investigate.

Let me start the review by talking about Most. Most is a three-legged cat Pip ‘stole’ from the Vet. In the first book, Pip learns Most is a she, not a he, and is heavily pregnant. (The poor thing was putting on weight and Pip thought she was over feeding it.) The recurring characters include Tim, Pip’s housemate/landlord and Jimmy, a boxer/trainer. In this book, we see both men asking Pip out on a date–ish.


Coming to the mystery behind the stolen dress, I must say I was a little surprised when the real reason behind the theft was revealed. The same goes with the identity of the ‘thief.’ We have Mummy (Pip’s mum) sending a batch of Llamas from the Galapagos. (Flis pronounced it as Lalamas in the previous book.) – This has nothing to do with the stolen dress; nope, the lalamas didn’t steal a dress. But, we do have a potential love angle concerning the… um, a case of ‘llamas brought us together’.

The quirk factor was a tad less when compared to the first book. The same goes for the element of mystery. Having said that, it was good to see the authors (Katie Gayle is the pseudonym of two authors namely Kate and Gail) add a dash of budding romance to the series.

Overall, The Museum Murder was an entertaining and enjoyable read. If you are looking for a hilarious cozy mystery, you might want to give this book a try.

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