The Crime at the Noah’s Ark by Molly Thynne

Title: The Crime at the Noah’s Ark (Dr Constantine #1)

Author: Molly Thynne

First published in 1931; Republished by Dean Street Press on 5th September 2016

Genre: Golden Age Mystery

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A snow before Christmas is always welcome but when the snow starts to fall in huge amounts, blocking the roads and leaving travelers stranded, it becomes a pain in the you-know-where.

Angus Stuart is determined to spend Christmas at Redsands. After driving for three hours, he realizes he has traveled less than 50 miles. He finds himself at a local inn named Noah’s Ark along with a handful of stranded travelers.

A rich American widow comes over – she’s well-known for her emerald girdle. A drunken Major Carew creates ruckus in the night and is carried and locked in his room. He escapes from his room (through the window) and a search party is called in. The widow announces the girdle’s been stolen. Major Carew is found in his room – in a pool of blood, with his head bashed in.


The Crime at the Noah’s Ark is a snowed-in Golden Age Mystery featuring an eclectic mix of characters. Red-herrings, a dash of romance, characters and their side-stories and lots of snow, this little gem of a book is a must-read for Golden Age Mystery fans.

When Mrs Van Dolen (the rich widow) appears, it is pretty obvious an attempt will be made on her jewels. What with Major Carew acting weird, the reader is made to believe (even if for a short time) he might have a hand in the (possible) robbery.

I loved the characters and their side-stories. The suspense is well-maintained until the end. The identity of the perp was unexpected and surprising. We have a certain somebody making an appearance in the latter half of the story – an accomplice or …?

The Crime at the Noah’s Ark is the first book featuring Dr Constantine- a chess player. Molly Thynne wrote six books in total. This is my first Molly Thynne read and I cannot wait to read the other five. I really loved the storytelling style and character portrayals.

If you are looking for a unique Golden Age Mystery, you might want to give this book a try.

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