Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle

Title: Blind Vigil (Rick Cahill #7)

Author: Matt Coyle

Published on: 2 December 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blind Vigil is the seventh book in Rick Cahill series and can be read as a standalone.

Rick Cahill, a Private Investigator, lost his eyesight after perp shot him in the face nine months ago. Rick is sure of one thing – leave his old life behind and start afresh. A fellow P.I., Moira, asks Rick to accompany her to a meeting. Moira’s client is Rick’s friend Turk. Turk wants Moira to follow his girlfriend Shay – he wants to know if she’s cheating on him.

Moira’s previous case ended badly when she told her client their spouse was cheating on them. The next day, the client killed their spouse and then, committed suicide. Rick guarantees Turk is a gentle and caring man, he wouldn’t cause harm to his girlfriend – even if she’s caught cheating on him.

Moira and Rick follow Shay; twice in a day, Rick finds himself in the midst of a musky fragrance – a man’s perfume. When he asks Moira to look around for the aforementioned man, Moira poo-poohs it as a figment of Rick’s imagination. The next day, Shay is found dead and Rick is the main suspect. Moira is annoyed with Rick, after all, he vouched for her client…


Rick is not convinced and is hell-bent on proving Turk’s innocence. Losing his sight makes the investigation a tad difficult but Rick doesn’t take no for an answer.

What a fantastic story! I haven’t read the first six books of this series but I cannot wait to catch up. A blind P.I investigating a case that implicates his best friend – woah! This certainly has to be one of the unique mysteries ever!

From the start to end, the suspense keeps one on the edge of their seat. Apart from the murder mystery, the spotlight is also on Rick’s new life (after losing sight). It’s been just nine months since the trauma but Rick seems to be adjusting well to his new life. Having said that, during the investigation, there are moments when Rick has to rely on others to take him to places – mostly to gather more information on the victim’s background and narrow down the suspects.

The storytelling is excellent. The plot to story development and character portrayals are superb. I was hooked on to the story until the end. The mystery behind the ‘mysterious musk-man’ (that is what I choose to call him) kept me on the edge of my seat. Mind, this mysterious person holds the final piece to the puzzle.

Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle is an engrossing, riveting and a unique mystery. Highly recommended!

Many thanks to Oceanview Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC.

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