The Atlantis Gene by Pierce Roberts

Title: The Atlantis Gene

Author: Pierce Roberts

Published on: 17 November 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Having read the first two books of this series – Death by DNA and Trojan Plague – I was looking forward to seeing what’s next for the superheroes. Well, superheroes because Joseph, Alice, Kate, Brad, Tom, Fred, Jean and Jules are once again on a mission to save the humanity from destruction.

In the first book (Death by DNA), we had a Nazi sympathizer try to destroy a certain species of animals by altering their DNA. In the second book, we had another such sympathizer try to revive his predecessor’s work and bring Fourth Reich into power. In The Atlantis Gene, we have a third party (non-Nazi sympathizer) trying to rule the world by making a breakthrough progress in medical history.

Joseph is an Indian American who receives guidance from his (dead) grandfather. Along with his veterinary friends Kate, Brad and Tom, he goes on a mission to destroy the destroyer. Jean and Jules are (somehow) always mixed up in the mess and thanks to their support, the mission becomes a tad simpler.


The Atlantis Gene begins with a bang. Quite literally, because we are taken to 10,000BC, on the island of Atlantis, where a volcanic eruption destroys the city. Dakar, along with his family and others, embarks on a journey to find new land to settle down. Fast forward to the present, Joseph is on his daily hunt when he stumbles across an ancient tablet. Joseph contacts his team and tells them about his findings.

Meanwhile, on a ship, three Chinese scientists are trying to create a medicine that delays ageing. They need the help of Fred, a Nobel prize winner and renowned scientist in the field of genetics. They make a plan to force him to work for them by threatening his family.

The story starts on a good note. However, the second half of the story does not do justice to the tension and suspense built in the first half. A lot of things happen in the last 20-25% of the story – I wish this was discussed in detail by cutting down on the information provided in the first half. Having read the first two books, I felt The Atlantis Gene inclines more towards fantasy fiction and less towards thriller. The inclusion of names like Satan/Destroyer isn’t something I expected from this book. The author has tried something new but it did not work for me.

I am a little disappointed with the way things end in this book. Firstly, the Satan part of it which I already mentioned in the previous paragraph. Secondly, the ending seemed a bit too dramatic for my taste. Overall, The Atlantis Gene was a good read and I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for the team.

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2 thoughts on “The Atlantis Gene by Pierce Roberts

  1. I almost mistook this book for another one! Have you read the book by AG Riddles of the same title? I wonder if its all hype… this one doesn’t look like my cup of tea..

    1. I haven’t read AG Riddle’s books but heard of it.
      The first two books of this series are really good.

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